Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 13

So what about those Wizards. Never mind the rare LeBron buzzer beater missed or caron Butler having a career Playoff high the real postgame story was this.

“Miss this shot, make it interesting and let’s take this thing back to D.C.”

Needless to say Lebron bowed to Caron's demands missed a 5 footer in the Lane on the last shot of the game and Washington stole one in Cleveland now going back home in game 6. James was unbelievable with 34 points and 10 assists but when it counted a rarity occured. He fell short.

He can throw it down and put players off when the games's on the line. Just what can he not do

Oh and those pesky Celtics. In game 5 they ran the Hawks in a comforatble 110-85 victory meaning the eyes of the upset pursuits will be in Atlanta for game 6. If the Hawks win this one game 7 will approach the magnitude of Superbowl 41 where an enitre city which once dreamed of titles in all 3 Sports could be dashed assunming the Hawks cause the biggest upset in Playoff history. It won't happen just throwing a possibility out there!. How good is it to see though the arguements about reseeding the Playoffs fall shot though. Because of the disaparity between the West and East many people including our own Don nelson thought it should be just a straight seeding from 1-16. Yet in the West seeds 6 through 8 are eliminated while Eastern those series are locked at 2-2. Only in the NBA!.

G6: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (7) Philadelphia 76ers (Pistons Lead 3-2)

This is one of those series that doesn't keep me on the edge of my seat. However you have to give credit to the Pistons a team constructed to stay with the Spurs as one of the great teams as this NBA. Then you have the Sixers with Thaddeus Young being a draft day steal, Dalembert being a huge shot block threat and Andre Miller is still effective. Then again with the Sixers I can't tell if they've.

:are an up-and-coming team
:just overachieved
:are simply benefiting big time by playing in the league's JV

Don't be surprised if an amped up Philly squad with nothing to lose steals this game and sends this series to a once unthinkable Game 7 with Detroit stealing this series

NBA Playoffs: Day 12

Two years ago when Mike D'Antoni was preparing to face the Mavericks in the Western Conference finals I don't think he could have imagined later on in his NBA career rumours by ESPN means he could be out of a job. Unfortunately after the Suns suffered another playoff exit at the hands of their nemisis the San Antonio Spurs it looks like the end. Any coach who goes 232-96, makes the WCF twice and totally revitalizes the way the modern game is played (most teams are adopting a version of the Fast Break now) deserves major credit but ultimately it was the Shaq trade that put his job on the line and it failed.

As for Avery Johnson with the loss to the Hornets either Mark Cuban has great patience or he won't rehire a coach with seasons of falling short, 3 seasons of failed expectations, 1 season of squandering a 2-0 NBA Finals lead, and one season of finishing with the best record in the league but getting kicked out of the 1st round by you know who. Fire Avery will be happy.

On the next plane out of Phoenix?

Easy to forget in the midst of all this Coaching speculation but the Pistons beat the 76ers 98-81 in a good old fashioned beatdown with Rip and Billups looking in decent form. I gurantee you I don't think anyone would have perdicted the Eastern Playoffs would have been more exciting then he West but it's happenned. For T-Mac's playoff curse to be on hold he has to performa godlike task and win in the land of the mormoms sorry Utah as they trashed the Jazz 95-69. On with todays.

Gme5: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series tied 2-2)

A game 5 in Boston in this series. The NBA never ceases to surprise. Right now a team that made the 8th spot in the East with a losing record still seem to have more collective belief then a Celtics team that haven't reached their potential. Still is it a step too far to see Hotlanta pull this one out. Yes.

Gme5: (5) Washington Wizards @ (4) Cleveland Cavalliers (Cleveland lead 3-1)

All that Stevenson nonsense will end tonight. Lebron puts on a show and Fire Mike Brown will actually have some positive things to say about the state of the Cavs.

Avery Johnson fired as Coach of the Dallas Mavericks(ESPN)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 11

So far, the biggest shocker for me is the fact that Philly is actually hanging with the Detroit. While I love a good underdog story (as any Warriors fan should), it’s tough to imagine that this anomaly isn’t going to right itself with tonight’s action.

An Early offseason for Dirk looks likely

I’ve got my picks in… Do you?!

G5: (7) Dallas Mavericks @ (2) New Orleans Hornets (New Orleans lead 3-1)
Shut em down New Orleans. Give the Mavs a nice long offseason... Again.

G5: (6) Phoenix Suns @ (3) San Antonio Spurs (Spurs lead 3-1)
Not tonight. Phoenix will come with a 2nd half push that forces the Snores to play a Game 6.

G5: (4) Utah Jazz @ (5) Houston Rockets (Jazz lead 3-1)

Ugh. I hate to say it but I’m thinkin’ this one ends tonight.

G5: (7) Philadelphia 76ers @ (2) Detroit Pistons (Series tied 2-2)

Wow seriously?! Props to Philly but Detroit is coming with a reality check tonight

Monday, April 28, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 10

Isn't it funny how the average player like delonte West isn't heard off by a bigtime NBA fan yet when Playoff time rolls around one big play will change everything. Thats exactly what happenned when he made his buzzerbeating shot against the Wizards in the last 5 seconds of the game. It looks it'll be yet another year that the Cavs will knock the Wizards out of the playoffs as they took a 3-1 lead in the series. Anyhoo

G5: (6) Toronto Raptors @ (3) Orlando Magic (Magic Lead 3-1) As the All American Reject song goes it ends Tonight.

G4: (1) Boston Celtics @ (8) Atlanta Hawks (Celtics Lead 2-1)

How did the Hawks win a game? Josh Smith is a fiend! I highly doubt it's going to happen again, but it was fun while it lasted (all 1 time that is).

G4: (1) LA Lakers @ (8) Denver Nuggets (Lakers Lead 3-0)

How are the Nuggets going to give up at the end of the 3rd quarter? It's ridiculous! If the Warriors had that 8th seed, they'd be playing until the very last second! But whatever - Kobe's bringing out his broom for the sweeping tonight.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 9

So how exactly did Atlanta pull off that win again? Are the Raptors and Chris Bosh done for the year, How exactly with so much potential talent are the Nuggets not avoiding getting swept?, Why is T-Mac destined not to get out of the 1st round is it a punishment for ignoring the Magic's plans for getting vince Carter so he could stay. Despite all the fire and star power on the bestcoast, I mean westcoast, it seems like we're seeing the same teams dominating night in, night out. Will this be re-runs of last season? We'll see...

G4)Cavaliers @ Wizards (Cavs lead series 2-1
Lebron is the type of player who can domiate when he wants to and how he wants to. The supposed DeShawn Stevenson-Lebron James "rivalry" no doubt will add fuel to Lebron's 5-alarm blaze throughout this opening series but I see the Cavs game 3 mishap evaporating hard as they take game 4.

(G4)Spurs @ Suns (Spurs lead series 3-0): The Suns are done but not tonight. Either Nash wakes out of his slump and has a big game or the Officals will ensure a game 4 for TV rating purposes. I'm gonna bet on the latter.

(G4)Pistons @ 76ers (76ers lead series 2-1 Maybe Detroit needed one game to adjust to Philly's crowd but I still see them finishing this off in 6. Reggie Evans shots will stop falling and we'll still have the title of greatest Playoff upset ever.

(G4)Hornets @ Mavs (Hornets lead series 2-1): Never mind Chris Paul and the inspirational so far postseason play the Mavs expereince will ensure no more Chris Paul alleyoops to Tyson Chandler. Dallas takes this one

Saturday, April 26, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 8

The Shaq experiment has offically failed

Even though I didn't watch the mighty Suns struggle their way to a possible sweep against the Spurs making sure that since February that in all likelihood they would be done early not too many Pistons or NBA fans would have thought the Sixers in front of a loud but leave home early type crowd would jump to a 2-1 series lead. I have to say if you've never watched an NBA game but tuned in just then it would be impossible to believe that Detroit won 59 games such was the no heart, over confident, and poorly display they showed. But being a genuine Pistons hater, I’ll take it.

In the West you had Dallas with a big win keeping the series alive. Trailing the series by one game, the Mavs are still going to have to win their next game to stay alive. Even though Dirk has been labelled the peultimate playoff choker for one night only he was big with 32 and 19.

And finally, the last game of Friday night had the most exciting series turn into a bust. The Spurs beat the Suns in Phoenix by 16 points. This looks to be a sweep. I have to say, the Spurs are incredible. After watching this series so far, I’m really going to have to rethink who I have going to the finals!.

G4: (3) Orlando Magic @ (6) Toronto Raptors (Magic leads 2-1)

Even though I love watching howard and Bosh duke out in the paint much like I perdicted this series has been a dud neither game being close so far. Tonight motivated by the Pistons struggles and the possibility of earfly elimination Howard has a monstrous game while Rasheed gets hot outside and Orlando take a 3-1 lead back to Disneyland.

G3: (1) LA Lakers @ (8) Denver Nuggets (LA leads 2-0)

As reccomended by the excellent fire George Karl Blog the best thing Denver should do in the remainder of the series is just play as much free flowing Basketball as possible. Considering everyones job is on the line should they lose the series it's they only fun they'll have

G3: (1) Boston Celtics @ (8) Atlanta Hawks (Boston leads 2-0)

We're having a rare hot day in Ireland so if you excuse me rather then watching a perdictable blowout I'll be on the beach.

G4: (4) Houston Rockets @ (5) Utah Jazz (Jazz leads 2-1)

Yao Ming memorably asked Carl Landry if he would sacrifice 15 more teeth for the good of the team. They'll need to sacrifice more then that if they want to regain home court advantage

Friday, April 25, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 7

Couldn't write up a preview of Day 6 of the 200-2008 playoffs but after two blowouts and a rare win for the Rockets in Mormonland you didn't miss much. Wait run that sentence by me again. Houston won in Utah!. Yes thats right. T-Mac didn't use his 4th quarter heroics but he did have one nice little burst of good play as he hit 2 jumpers, 3 free throws, had a key block and rebound. Apart from those it was the same old do nothing T-Mac come playoff time. I don't why the guy has a knack for choking come 1st round Playoff time but in the interests of fairness the Rockets have done exceedingly well avoiding a sweep without their big man. As the Warriors know from last year playing utah without a decent big man is next to impossible so props to the Rockets for stealing a game. Won't be enough but whatever. On to the next slate of games

The NBA where Shawn Bradley lives

G3: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (7) Philadelphia 76ers (series tied 1-1)
Game 2 the Pistons realized they were suppossed to beat the Sixers easily so blew them out. I expect them later on to play down to Philly's standard just not tonight.

G3: (2) New Orleans Hornets @ (7) Dallas Mavericks (Hornets lead 2-0)
Right back when this series started in New orleans up until tonight Dallas just doesn't look like they can handle it. If they lose this series, A LOT of things come into question about this franchise. WIll Avery be fired? Is Jason Kidd overrated? Is Dirk ever going to recover? But for tonight, give the Mavs this one.

G3: (3) San Antonio Spurs @ (6) Phoenix Suns (Spurs lead 2-0) Steve Kerr's reasoning for the Shaq trade. so they could beat the Spurs. Hasn't worked yet but tonight I expect a double digit victory and the " real Slim shady" sorry Leandro Barbose to please stand up

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 5

There are two things I wouldn't do in life. Bungee jump off a Airplane and play this guy in a game of Horse with money on the line. Both I figure would signal the end of my glory days

Neede to say these playoffs have been entertaining beyond belief. Chris Paul and the Hornets have schooled Jason Kidd Mavericks into a 2-0 series lead, Spurs and Suns has been fun to watch whilst Orlando's decision for a T-Shit giveaway was one of the most creative ideas by a Franchise in some time. But anyway the matchups

G2: (7) Philadelphia 76ers @ (2) Detroit Pistons (76ers lead 1-0)
First game Philly took surprisingly. But the Pistons come out to play for real tonight and win by double digits.

G2: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Celtics lead 1-0)

Anyone think this series goes more than 4 games? KG has the Celts on a mission.

G2: (8) Denver Nuggets @ (1) Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers lead 1-0)

Much like the other 1-8 matchup, this series isn't going to be much of a contest. Tonight in LA, Pau's team takes care of business in a double digit victory.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NBA Playoffs Day 4

And I thought i loved this game.

Tonights slate of games are interesting. As the round 1 madness continues the Pre Playoff predictions indicate everything is going to plan. The qestion is will tonights follow the same path.

G2: (6) Toronto Raptors @ (3) Orlando Magic (Orlando Leads 1-0)

Dwight howard pulls down another 20 Rebounding game as Bosh and the Raptors head back from Disneyland down 2-0

G2: (7) Dallas Mavericks @ (2) New Orleans Hornets

They may be weak mentally but I see Dallas straling one in New Orlesans tonight. Of course it depends on which Dirk shows up.

G2: (6) Phoenix Suns @ (3) San Antonio Spurs

That game 1 loss either destroyed the Suns confidence or boosted it. I'm thinking the former with San Antonio going to Phoenix up 2-0

NBA Playoffs: Day 3

Hella games yesterday. Kobe and the Lakeshow opened up with a 14 point victory over the Nuggets, Boston disposed of Atlanta (seriously the only headline of this series is Hawks Coach Mike Woodson shaving his head, and the Sixers surprised with a rare win in Detroit the Pistons playing down to their opposition. Lets look at tonights games.

G2: (5) Washington Wizards @ (4) Cleveland Cavaliers (Cavaliers Lead 1-0)

The Washington Warrior...errr...Wizards, don't stand much chance on the road against my mortal enemy.

G2: (4) Utah Jazz @ (5) Houston Rockets (Jazz Lead 1-0)

Does anybody else think it's funny that the 5th seed has the home court advantage on this one? Will TMac finally make it past the first round? I hope so cause I have my money on the Rockets!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

NBA Playoffs Day 2

Wasn't able to write up a post about day 1 of the 2007-2008 NBA Playoffs but we all know how that went. Spurs edged the Suns in double OT in the best Game 1 I've personally ever witnessed, Le bron used some Clutch play to beat the Wizards and shut Deshaun Stevenson up with 32 points, Chris Paul was his ususal self as the Hornets beat the Mavs and in what should be a quick series continuing the T-Mac 1st round curse Utah disposed Houston 93-82. But enough of that lets focus on day 2 and a new set of matchups

The last time A.I played a Game 1 in LA

G1: (6) Toronto Raptors @ (3) Orlando Magic (Series Tied 0-0)
Gotta take the Magic in this one against Nesterovic and the Raptors/ Goodness knows it's been a while before they really had a decent team before the last two seasons.!

G1: (8) Denver Nuggets @ (1) LA Lakers (Series Tied 0-0) The Nuggets can beat any team in the West in a 7 game series except the Lakers. Denver has had monumental collapses in the Playoffs doing decent against teams in game 1 and 2 but then having a mental collapse and it's easy going then. Lakers will win game 1.

G1: (7) Philadelphia 76ers @ (2) Detroit Pistons (Series Tied 0-0
The Pistons do play down to their competition in the playoffs, but not tonight.

G1: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series Tied 0-0)
You will know if the NBA is rigged for the bookies If the Hawks beat the Celtics in this Game 1.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Bracketology

It's time for the pretenders to go home (sadly that includes us) and the NBA's finest not including the Atlanta Hawks, Philadephia 76ers and Toronto Raptors to show us what the playoffs are all about. Over at Ballhype you have a chance to win an Ipod touch. Anyway here's my bracket

Western Conference

LA Lakers (1) vs Denver Nuggets (8)
The Nuggets are one of the best home teams in the League but are disasterous away which is why I can't see them stealing any game in LA. Then again Allen Iverson has the potential to steal a game (see the 01 NBA finals) but with a frontcourt of Odom and Gasol better then Martin and Camby the Lakers will be too strong

Lakers in 5

New Orleans Hornets (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (7)
The Dallas Mavericks drop from #1 seed to #7 seed is one of the more quiter stories of the offseason. Then again Miami's run from 2006 Champions to having the 1st pick of the 2008 NBA Draft shows parity is getting better in todays NBA. This should be one of the better series. CP3, David West, and Tyson Chandler have had great seasons and the Mavs look they're coming on strong and Dirk against Peja will be the matchup to watch reminscment of how the 2003 Western Conference Semi Finals went.

Mavericks in 6

San Antonio Spurs (3) vs Phoenix Suns (6)
It's been a strange season when both these teams match up in the 1st round. Never mind the fact both have Championship dreams the Suns want revenge for the unfair suspensions last season. Even though the Shaq-Marion trade is still open for discussion it does help them beat the Spurs and give Tim Duncan a lot of trouble. Only obstacle is to make sure Horry doesn't guard Nash

Suns in 7

Utah Jazz (4) vs Houston Rockets (5)
Tough matchup to watch. Nice to see Adelamn and his Rockets make it wihtout Yao Ming but they are first round material in a tough to wath series. Even the Warriors would make this series interesting. Oh well can't wait to hear another round of T-Mac exuses for his latest Playoff Failure.

Jazz in 5

Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics (1) vs Atlanta Hawks (8)
The Hawks are a very fun team to watch, but the Celtics are a very fun to watch and a very good team. The Hawks have veteran experience with Mike Bibby Boston have the big 3 which should make this is a pretty short series. I'll admit I'm pulling for the Hawks in the upset though.

Boston in 4

Detroit Pistons (2) vs Philadelphia 76ers (7)
I've always admired Joe Dumars for displaying stuborness and keeping the same Pistons unit together rather then rebuild the team something the clueless ESPN talking heads were advocating when the lost to the Cavs in the 2007 ECF. Never mind the fact they get to the Eastern Conference finals every year for some reason rebuilding was a common theme in Detroit last Summer. It didn't happen and the Pistons have 2nd best record in the East to show for it. Props to the Sixers though for over-achieving big time this season with the roster that Billy King assembled, but isn't getting due credit for putting together.

Detroit in 5

Orlando Magic (3) vs Toronto Raptors (6)
This is going to be a boring series guranteed. Other then Dwight Howard posting up 20-20 every night what else is there to talk about other then if Toronto were out West they would be thinking about summer plans. More boring then the Utah-Houston series no doubt.

Cleveland Cavaliers (4) vs Washington Wizards (5)

Don't look know, but this is one of the league's best rivalries. This will be the 3rd straight time these two teams have squared off in the opening round. It all comes down to DeShawn Stevenson vs the "overrated" LeBron James. Okay, I'm joking. It comes down to how quickly Gilbert Arenas can return to his superstar form of 2007. Shout out to former Warrior Antawn Jamison who just wrapped up a mighty fine 21-10 campaign. This should make for the most entertaining 1st round series in the East.

Cavs in 7

Seattle: 126 Golden State: 121

With that the Golden State Warriors season comes to an inglorious end. Foruntately this game was completely meaningless but it did indeed expose Mullin, Davis and Nelson the three engines behind the 48 win season as possible underachievers and they've now lost to a bunch of teams they once considered peers. With the Blazers, Clippers, Kings and even Sonics improving in a hurry, the 08-09 season doesn’t look like it’s going to be any prettier. There’s no denying the fun we’ve had this year, but now it’s time for the reckoning.


Should I come back with a cheap Owner and bad Front Office?

My game notes

Durrant He's gonna be a superstar very soon. He reminded me of Brandan Wright with his Silky jumper and silky smooth handles and he seemed to have more desire. A definite All Star in 2-3 seasons

Jeff Green Another post player who killed us. His handles looked pretty good and he exploded to the rim several times. His behind the back pass in the low post was CWebb-esque but all this was helped by our non existant D.

Marco Belinelli Even though he had a nice 17 point game his shot selection is horrendous and he is the worst Defender on the Roster (saying a lot). Despite the stats I would love to have seen more from Azubuike a guy who's earned his way on the Roster, outplayed Marco in Summer League and beat him for a backup spot.

Defense No Defense tonight much like the 2007-2008 stretch. Yes the game was meaningless but it was laughable seeing the big 3 Baron Davis, Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson not even try. If nominations for the Defensive player came in all 3 combined would be next to last.

Biedrins Walked awaway with 20 and 17 but he looked as soft as those charming Toilet Roles. Biedrins walked away with a nice gaudy stat line, but there's two things I'll remember from this game all offseason. When a Sonic wingman was driving to the hole (unguarded of course) Biedrins tried to slide underneath him late and take a charge which was rightfully whistled for a blocking foul. Biedrins had a nice look at the basket and instead of forcefully dunking over a smaller Sonic, elected to fade away and miss an easy 2 inches away from the bucket. Soft all out.

Since we’re officially in the off-season just to get the ball rolling I’ll start at the top of the Warriors and work my way down as they key players in the offseason:

Chris mullin when Mullin started I can't think of a GM who will be remembered more for bad contracts then anyone else see Fisher or Foyle's as he immediately overvalued his teams return to the Playoffs Mullin did a great job getting the Warriors back to a reasonable cap position with the Dunleavy / Murphy trade. The Richardson trade although I could debate the J-Rich trade all day long. Even the Pietrus and Barnes situation he forced them to sign on contracts that were reduced when in the past he would have handed over the cash straight away no questions answered. Unfortunately the free agents acquired show's he's been too uptight Croshere, Hudson) and totally untested youngsters (Azubuike, Wright, Belinelli, Lasme, Perovic, O’Bryant). Perhaps he overestimated the bench but in the end Barnes who only had one decent season and Pietrus (enough said) didn't provide any depth. It was a cheap offseason but in the end didn't solve the riddle.

Don Nelson Nelson had two options when this roster was assembled 1) play those 5 as much as possible and hope that it would be enough to get him to the playoffs or (2) gamble with the rest of his roster and hope to stumble upon contributors somewhere in the mix. In the end even though I was vocal in the fact he didn't play Brandon wright at all he did have an 0-6 start and was faced with immediate pressure to play the big 3 as much as possible. The team spent two months trying to get back in the Playoff hunt and succeeded. Rather then play the bench the starters were left on the floor and then blew a 15 point lead forcing the same panicked finishes that would have occurred under the worst case scenario of a bench collaps. In the end the Warriors emerged with 48 wins but a physically hurt team that wouldn't have made any noise in the playoffs.

Webber experiment This was one of the stories of the season and even though on the court it failed the fact him and Nelson reunited gives hope to any ongoing fueds see Marcus Allen and Al Davis.

Chris Webber comes back

Webber reunited with Nellie?
Webber likely to become a Warrior tommorow
Webber signs with Golden State
He retires end of an era

Season of giving In an a age where atheletes being charged for misdeamonours is celebrated by the media lets not ignore the countless wonderful things the Warriors have done off the court to the underpriveliged etc

Stephen Jackson Basketball Court Unveilved At Omega Boys Club In San Francisco
Baron Davis And Dan Haren Host Local Community Group At A’s Game
Season of Giving
Stephen Jackson Hometown Hero
Warriors Host Silence The Violence Rally, Sponsored By Colliers International
Stephen Jackson Receives March NBA Community Assist Award

Counting Big W's
Don't ever forget these wins:
Warriors 123 Wizards 115
Warriors 100 Sixers 98
Warriors 129 Phoenix 114
Warriors 120 Heat 113
Warriors 96 Spurs 84
Warriors 108 Lakers 106
Warriors 105 Denver 95
Warriors 130 Spurs 121
Warriors 121 Nets 119
Warriors 115 Hornets 103
Warriors 120 Wizards 117
Warriors 120 Suns 118
Warriors 119 Celtics 117
Warriors 115 Lakers 111

As Snoop and Kels would say THAT'S THAT. It's an odd ending to what was mostly a fun season but overall still a HUGE disappointment. When the Warriors ended last year with a Game 5 loss in the playoffs to the Jazz, we all thought"This is just the beginning."

Sadly we couldn't have been anymore wrong. But I guess that's what happens when you follow a season that was sparked with a brilliant trade that the mastermind Nellie shaped into the improbable fastest starting 5 ever assembled (Baron, Monta, J-Rich, Stephen, and Al- you know the t-shirt!) with a cheap move that turned out to be a complete disaster in year 1 and deprived us all of a thrilling spring of We Believe 2.0 in the Bay.

Almost a year later we're back to where we started with this team. Back in the lottery and with even more dismal prospects of returning to the promised land (meaning 1st round of the playoffs) next year and beyond. The West is only going to get tougher next season with what should be improved teams like the TrailBlazers (the biggity biggity O), the Clips (Thornton + Brand + Kaman = Nice), and the Kings (they should be healthier and who knows? Artest might actually stay). If there's one thing that this season proved, it's that this current front office mindset and roster just isn't going to get it done. Major changes need to be made or else we could be looking at a team that's just fighting to make the 9th or 10th spot in the loaded Western Conference when it's all said and done in April 2009.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Golden State V Seattle Preview

Not happening unfortunately but it has been one heck of a ride

Can you believe this is the last Warriors game of the season?. Tonights game may be completely meaningless Monta could go 2-15 and it wouldn't matter or Marco could repeat his summer League performances and it would mean as about as much as Spring Training these days. Still you won't see or hear a meaningful Warriors game until November again. Unfortunately because of the flex schedule ESPN dropped it meaning the game won't be televised so it seems the only way of viewing is NBA League audio or in person.

But moving away from the unimportance of having a meaningless game not nationally televised the reeal issue is tonight with our opponents the Sonics. Never mind their misrable record it's looking increasingly likely this will be their last game as the Seattle Supersonics. Yes a franchise that produced countless stars such as Nate McMillan, Lenny wilkens, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp is now more then likely to move to Oklahoma. Unlike the Charlotte or Vancouver situations where it became clear these cities didn't care about the Hornets or Grizzlies repectively Seattle clearly still wants it's team. The Arena demands where the City of Seattle believed they should hold firm on the Arena demands foolishly thinking the money could be spent on public ammenities. Even though you can't fault the city authorites for saying no to franchise ownership group that has access to hundreds of millions of dollars on its own they still decided to go ahead and move the team although this needs pending from all the NBA owners this Friday when they finally vote. Should this happen the NBA will have lost out to a great Basketball town with some great knowledgable fans.

SOS links
Save our Sonics
Time for the Take why Seattle should seize the Sonics
The Save the Sonics mailbag
Seeking solutions for Sonics gloom

The Sonics will stay in Seattle when the NBA owners vote against the move on Friday
Kosta gets a double double
Kevin Durrant is the Warrior killer
Warriors by 8

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phoenix: 122 Golden State: 116 The end

And so the chapter of the 2007-2008 season closed. A game filled with controversial coaching decisions, unexpected playing time for bench players and big scoring form Azubuike and Croshere meant this was one strange game to follow. In the end the familair trend of the Warriors not beating the top teams when it counts and Baron electing to take a night off combined with Nelson actually following the path of perdictibility meant the Nuggets will now make the postseason.


First time Nellie missed the playoffs in 8 years

Baron and Nellie No one has any idea of how this relationship is like but it never seems like a strenous one. That all came apart last night when Nelson benched him for the entire second half. The timing wasn't a shock because Baron went 2-13 in the game and didn't look there at all physically. Once the reserves came in they overcame a 15 point deficit and even took the lead at one point but it wasn't enough. Props to Nelson for sticking with the reserves rather then just put Baron straight bak in. The man has guts!.

Kosta Maybe he wasn't a bad midlevel expception after all. Even though he took a lot of rough beatings from Shaq he held his own and did the little things like boxout and cut down on second chance points. His 13 minute perofrmance revealed why POB was back to the inactive list while Perovic got some burn. Even though no one in their right mind would build a franchise around Kosta he certainly could be a bigger part of the rotation next year.

Suns stars I have this team down as a drakhorse in the playoffs and when you have 3 stars who can burn you anyway possible it's a big start. Our pourous defense didn't help but it was impressive seeing Nash getting 13 points, 9 rebounds and 14 assists thrwoing passes from the corner of his eyes. Shaq had 19 points 15 rebounds shooting 75 percent (mostly dunks) and hitting 10 for 13 of his free throws allowing Amare to have his usual big game which he did with 28 points. Hard to write about failures when a very good team beat us.

Biedrins, Croshere and Azubuike When scoring was really needed Andris was required to step up in crunch time. Biedrins responded, going a fantastic 8-10 for 16 points and not being intimated by Amare at all. The foolish thing would be to set a celing immediately for this guy

As for Croshere and Kelenna these two would have been the most perdictable contributors from the bench this year. Pietrus and Barnes usually didn't bring it but last night both bought decent shooting with outstanding scrapiness which almost won the ball game. Unfortunately injuries cannot be controlled but I often wonder if one of them had been healthy would the Warriors be staring at the lottery. Most likely not. They were logically the two Free agents most likely to return which I hope happens

Jackson For a player who showed the we Belieive spirit it was refreshing to see it tonight finally having a decent game in what seems like weeks. It was too little too late but hopefully he has learned the valuable lesson , sometimes there’s more trouble than one man can handle.

So lottery here we come. A place Mullin never wanted to visit is now ready for the endless sequel. So many what-if’s. Had Jackson played from the season start would we be in this position? Had we not lost our first 6 would we be in this position? We made history tonight for having the most wins in a season and not making the playoffs, and I’m not terribly thrilled to have that honor.

To end this recap, all I can say, is that I’m sad like the many of you and we have each other to help us through this time and look forward to next year. Just think, how good is it going to be watching Monta after an offseason of training? I can’t wait!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Golden State V Phoenix Preview

Nothing like a motivational clip when the chips are down

It seems hard to believe but there was a time when the Suns took a lot of heat (Excuse the Pun) for the blockbuster deal which bought Shaq from South Beach to Phoenix and sent Shaun Marion to Miami. Despite struggling early on the Suns now look like a legit championship contender already clinching a playoff spot. Despite all this they still have plenty to play for in terms of playoff seeding and home court advantage. The best thing the Warriors could do is get Shaq and Amare into foul trouble early. Amare has been an absolute Warrior killer posting up up 27.3 ppg and 10.7 rpg in 3 games this year against the Warriors. With Shaqs defense it will be tough surviving that kind of defense so the Warriors best bet is to force Nash to become a scorer , jamming him on the dribble, and making him work hard on D against either a stronger and bigger posting up Baron Davis or a quicker and faster slashing Monta Ellis. If the Warriors can send Shaq and Amare to the bench and continue to cause Nash to cough the rock up 6 times, they've got a great shot here.

Over a few games the Warriors looked dominant beating Memphis and the LA Clippers but the key was when it came to the top tier teams thats when it fell apart. Aside from beating a Dirk less dallas team and a Lakers team without Gasol the last win over a Western Conference playoff team was against the Suns who were without Shaq. If you're willing to believe Denver would somehow find a way to lose to Memphis this game has playoff significance. Beyond that the Warriors could display with a win tonight they are capable of hanging with the best in the West and perhaps stop the surge of questions such as Why didn't Mullin and co go for a big man when available?. The Suns abandoned their running style when trading Marion for Shaq questions will be asked as to why the Warriors can't do the same.

A Large part of me feels this will be Nelsons last significant coaching game. Why he would want to come back to a situation where he virtually led the same team to the 06-07 playoffs and missed out the following year is anyones guess. With hard contract choices coming up and questions whether he should abandon Nellieball Nellie might go to Maui instead and leave the Head Coach position open. Considering all the flaws, greatness and mimmatches Nellieball brings this debate should be left until Thursday morning but if this is it What a coach.

Shaq gets in foul trouble and sits out
Monta and Baron combine for 50
Jackson his the winning shot as time expires
Warriors by 2

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Golden State: 122 LA Clippers: 116

Typical Warriors. When most fans and experts mark this team as dead following that be all and end all defeat to the Denver Nuggets somehow Denver keeps failing. With a decent win over the lottery bound Clippers and the Jazz poundering the Nuggets the focus will now be tonight on the Denver-Houston game. Getting away from all that how positive was it seeing Marco and POB play about as rare as a lunuar eclipse. It wasn't a blowout by any stretch op 16 in the first. Up by 1 in the second. Up by 15 in the third, then down 1 just minutes later. Up 11 in the fourth and so on and so forth will testify to that but it was a rare positive night to take home.


Performance Tonight you saw a complete reversal of performance of the Warriors. It was the best and worst. The highlights package would include decent shots with no one in their faces (a la Mickael Pietrus in the corner); a lot of times there was a defender in their face forcing them into a fadeaway three (see Stephen Jackson). Fortunately other players not named Monta Ellis stepped up to the challenge. Baron Davis went to the hoop 3-4 times in a row getting tow and 1's al;ong the way, Al shook Tim Thomas, Hail Mary's were delivered to Ellis like a Wide receiver, Biedrins had a ton of soft Buckets and is now the most reliable Free Throw Shooter. Never a dull moment in Warriors basketball.

But of course there were negatives needless to say all on the defensive end. Cuttino Mobley was doing his best Warrior killer impression pulling up for 3's and tough shots, Tim Thomas a hard to like character looked like he was worth every bit of that mid-level exception, draining several threes early on but became a non-factor afterwards. The Warriors looked like they were trying to outscore a lottery opponent not stop them.

An example of course would be Nelson actually playing Belinelli in the 2nd quarter with Monta Ellis, Pietrus, Austin Croshere and Kelenna Azuibuke. Hard to explain but either the Clippers are that bad, he trusts that 5 to be out there together or he wanted starters to get rested. Probably a mixture of all. Even though Belinelli struggled on D like all the Warriors he showed his potential his first shot attempt being rejected. Having said all that his two made shots were beautiful and he looks lightning fast on the dribble. There is defintely potential with this guy.

Wait Denver lost stop teasing us !

Even POB got a taste of NBA ball checking in for 3 minutes in what was probably his last outing in a Warriors uniform. Perhaps there could be plans to insert him into the Phoenix game in case our bigs get into foul trouble against Shaq and Amare likely. Unforuntely it's unlikely to happen although he had a nice throwdown. Azubuike played sparingly and looked only to score and failing somewhat going 1-7 with several flat jumpers and forced drives to the hoop. It was not a pretty site. No Brandon Wright sighting but he couldn't do much against Thomas admittely or any of the Clippers frontcourt.

But really if Golden State are to have a succesful sequel to the postseason we saw last year they need their bench players to step up big time. We didn't see them against Denver when it mattered but there is a catch 22 situation here. How do you develop the likes of Azubuike when Baron can't really afford sitting for 10 minutes with no decent backup Point Guard or likewise with Stephen Jackson. The answer is no but Nelson realises keeping them fresh down the stretch matters just as much as Denvers results!. Then again is now the best time. Aside from Pietrus no one really impressed Barnes not even getting off the bench.

Future Warrior? perhaps

But as we all know the development of Monta Ellis never stops ceasing to amaze. Yes he was off tonight scoring wise but last night was further proof of his development into a complete player far beyond the realms of what fans anticipated when he was drafted in 2005. Granted the Clippers have an absolutely pitiful backcourt but for a guy who as I said before needed to work on his underdeveloped handles and ability to finish plus his 3 charges a game with no finesse move none of these were on display tonight. He's cut down on charges, worked harder to get into the passing lanes and steal improving his defense and he avoids blocks in the lane particulary his move on Elton Brand flipped the ball up in mid-stride rather than during an elevation, which Brand probably didn't expected. He reads defenses better as seen by his 3.2 steal avergage (2.4 this month). His development has been absolutely phenomenal and credit to Nelson and the assistant coaches for making it happen.

So far now we know two things. 1. Don't take this as how the Warriors will face against the Suns since the Clippers are thinking Beasley all the way and 2. It was huge, since we need to win out most likely to have a chance at the playoffs. These teo points tell me we should be thrilled with this win but with a cautious attitude as we head West to Phoenix. Needless to say a city famous for it's Space program and Steaks would be a whole lot popular in Oakland tonight should they beat Denver

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Golden State V LA Clippers Peview


At this point, will and skill alone can't get the Warriors into the playoffs.

Sitting at 47-32, one game behind the current 8th playoff seeded Denver Nuggets owning the tie-break and not to mention the Warriors during the season, the Warriors needs more luck than picking a four leaf clover, rubbing the belly of a buddha statue, and a billion heads-up pennies could bring combined. Since halfway through the season, tonights game counts as much as the game before and the game before that one... basically the Warriors need to win and the Nuggets need to lose!

This is all very possible still considering the fact that the Warriors are playing the injury-plagued LA Clippers and Denver is playing against Utah, who loses at home about as much as Patrick O'Bryant gets off the bench. Translation: Never. Lets hope today is no exception.

The Clippers just got Elton Brand back only to have Chris Ka(ve)man go down for the season. Only five games into his season, Brand already looks like he's in game shape and rhythm. I worry that Brand alone will somehow will the Clippers to a win. But I guess with Maggette potentially out, this team looks nothing more than the NBDL team, the Miami Heat. I guess summer-league came early for quite a few players this season!

Monta Ellis has 27 points
* Azubuike nets 8 points, but when it matters most
* Al Thorton scores 40 points
Warriors by 8

Friday, April 11, 2008

Denver: 114 Golden State: 107 Numb

So there it is our seasons over. Even though we haven't been mathematically eliminated from the Playoffs we need to go 3-0 Denver need to go 1-2 tonight had an air of thats it. Some won't be given up believing this streaky team could win their last 3 while others believe after tonights game if they do make it to the postseason they won't go far. I belong in the latter


Denvers Defense George Karl simply outcached Nelson in this factor. Dnver played Defense therefore they won. He let J.R Smith take over Anthony Carters minutes and when Denver were scorched man to man he sitched to a 1-2-2 zone. In the 1st quarter the Warriors had 17 fastbreak points with Denvers transition Defense being abysmal. When Karl adjusted even though the Warriors still had 21 fastbreak points Denver got back on D more quickly.

The Warriors offense was also extended. Rather then settling for high Screen and Rolls the Warriors decided to settle for swinging the ball around the perimeter and drive and kick an non factor when Iverson, Najera and J.R smith play the passing lanes very well. The Warriors couldn't simply solve the riddle Everytime they drove baseline, there was Melo, Camby or Kmart cutting off the baseline and trapping. Everytime they drove the middle of the lane, there were two defenders there and the perimeter D could cheat and get in the passing lanes for steals. Usually the only option left was the swing pass across the court or kicking it back out. It left the Warriors offense forcing up shots (not that there's anything new with that) but doing it completely out of the flow of the offense.

George karl outcoached Nelson This is one question I've been pondering since the game ended. Karl made his adjustment - switching from man D to zone and pulling Anthony Carter. Nellie's team didn't really seem to make any adjustments. They struggled against the zone D for 3 full quarters and didn't change up their offense. Usually against a zone D, you overload one side or you get the ball to a good passer in the middle of the zone. Neither of those happened tonight. The screens stopped coming while the turnovers mounted. Leads me to believe Karl outcoached Nellie. What do you think.

Bench Hello? Did anyone else dress for the game except Baron, Monta, Al, Andris, and Jack? Did anyone else hear Nellie's pregame speech? Did anyone else realize this was the biggest game of the year? Hello? Anyone?

Ugh. Let's count up the bench points. On my left hand: thumb, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky. On my right hand: thumb, pointer finger. Okay done. 7 points off the bench! Seven! And Kelenna's 5 came with under 5 minutes in the 4th quarter. So the bench had all of Matt Barnes' 2 points in 43 minutes.

Where was Pietrus tonight? He had such an explosive 4th quarter against the Kings that I was expecting him to show up. To be fair, he played a few good possessions on D against Carmelo. After Melo was lighting up Jax at the start of the 3rd, Pietrus' D was what got him off his rhythm. But other than that, he was MIA. 3 fouls, 0 points, 0 rebounds. Nellie pulled him quickly too.

Here's one question, did Nellie not trust his bench tonight or did he just not use them because they didn't produce? I think it was the latter. Monta played the entire game. Baron played 46 minutes, Andris 40, Jax 43 and Al 33. I guess Nellie decided to live and die by his starters.

But really, it wasn't all bad for the Warriors. Baron ended with a triple double as he played one of his best games of the past few months. Monta had another excellent scoring night, though his 6 turnovers and missed free throws were costly. Al came to play but needed to hit the boards harder. Biedrins was big tonight with 19 boards. And Jax? Well we learned that after he takes his headband off he plays better. Fact is, Melo, AI, and JR Smith played lights out while our starters got sloppy (missed free throws and uncharacteristic turnovers), possibly because they were playing tons of minutes with no help from the bench.

Andris Biedrins
I gotta say he had the best game of the bunch. I could have given this to Baron but the 9-25 and 1-9 from 3 was a killer. Biedrins was all over the place tonight hauling in 19 rebounds along with scoring 11 points. He kept the Warriors in this game tonight not so much with his scoring but his heart and hustle. When the team needed a defensive rebound, he seemed to be the guy getting it. Sometimes it seems like he's the only one fighting for rebounds - 4 blue jerseys and Biedrins in the paint. He even played tough in the paint. He challenged shots, changed shots and got a couple blocks. That's usually something you don't see from him. He had one of the best games of the year at the right time but alas it wasn't enough

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Golden State V Denver Preview


This is the most important game of the season. Forget what I said about the Dallas game of the San Antonio or anything in between. Hopefully this is a game where our unsusally quite crowd lives up to the occassion it did against Dallas. Whenver Iverosn leads a fastbreak chant Defense as loud as possible. When the Warriors roll through the tunnel, get the "Lets Go Warriors" chants started and don't stop making noise until the final buzzer. You know how big the game is. You know what to do.

Scenario Essentially the scenario for the Warriors tonight is this. A win would put them 1 ahead of the Nuggets with 3 games left to play two of them against lottery bound opposition but lets not get ahead of ourselves. A dreaded loss would mean disaster because with Denver owning all tiebreakers a loss essentially puts them 2 games behind the Nuggets with 3 to play. A mini miracle would be required for the Warriors to return to the postseason once again.

Defense No point chanting defense because neither George Karl or Don Nelson are defensive minded coaches. It's merely a matter of just whick makes their shots the most. If in the event both teams decide it's worth playing just a little bit of defense they'll win. However if both consider Defense is important and play it very well pigs fly.

Carmelo Anthony He's shot an incredible 49-72 the last 3 games and averaging 40 points. He could and probably will do that tonight but he needs to work on his eloucution jusging by this quote.

"It's got to be like that Thursday," the 6-foot-8 forward said. "I've got confidence it will be like that Thursday. It's a big game for us. Do I believe we have to win? No. But it's a must-win for us."


Team This is going to take an all out team effort. Not just Baron and Monta. Beans is going to have to rebound like crazy. Al is going to have to rebound and hit his jumpers. Jax is going to have to step up his game and play big like we all know he can. Pietrus needs to play all out and bring his energy. And whoever else from the bench can give quality minutes needs to do so. Whether that's Brandan, CJ, Kelenna, POB, Barnes, or Croshere, someone is going to have to step up. If we win, 2 of those guys will have made a significant contribution.

Anthony is the Warrior killer
Baron Davis and Monta combine for 55
Azubuike is money off the bench
Warriors by 4

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Golden State: 140 Sacramento: 132

Now thats how every Warriors game should be played. Last night they looked like a team ready that knew what needed to be done against a team that they knew they could do it to and they duly did. Perhaps beating a depleted Kings team by 8 and conceding a ridiclous 132 points won't be remembered as much on the defensive end but we had more steals and Pietrus's two blocks were reminscement of the great Dikembe Mutombo. The defensive effort was horrible but for the 47th time this season it was better then the other teams.


For once the average Warriors fan saw Nellie use a combination of diferent rotations as he figured out the best way to stop a Kings team that prevented the Warriors from breaking the game open largely because of Kevin Martins ability to get to the Line whenever he wanted and Francisco Garcia having one of his career nights. Once he found Davis, Biedrins, Croshere, Pietrus, and Watson as the lineup they were foruntately enough to end the resillent Kings and their refusal to give up.

Beans is an automatic double double these days

Frontline and Backcourt What was extremely positive was the ability of The Biedrins / Croshere / Pietrus frontcourt to matchup well against Shelden Williams, Mikki Moore and Spencer Hawes. Neither of these three are offensively gifted but all have contributed heavily to Warriors losses in the past. Biedrins was particulary active on the glass, Croshere despite taking unwarranted playing time from Brandon Wright hustled on every play and Pietrus came up big in several key moments especially that block on Williams.

The Backcourt also attacked the rim much more so then normal even though Sacramento's defense will be nowhere near Denver's on Thursday when Camby, Martin, and Nene come to town but for once Nelson decided to exploit allowing Monta and Baron to drive all the time. Even Jackson who's played horrible the last couple of games had 9 Free throw attempts with 20 points. Keep finsing ways to contribute for the next 4 games thats the key.

Al Harrington TMT was actually big tonight. His FG stats are okayish but his hustle for rebounding and was very active defensively with 5 steals. He's not the person who has take over his team when one of the big 3 is struggling although it obviously would help. He just has to carry his load.

Mikael Pietrus Even though this is in all probability his last season with the Warriors Pietrus was basically a crowd changer tonight. From being the usual unenthuiastic bunch we've seen the last couple of games the noise in the Oracle Arena quickly changed two of the prettiest, much emphatic blocks you’ll see all year to the three point shooting and put-back slamming offense we’ve come to expect let them to make some noise. If Jackson does a bad job on Carmelo on Thursday expect Pietrus to come in and take him. I've all the confidence he'll do a good job.

CJ Watson Even with the season winding down backups still like to make their case for more playing time. CJ Watson did that very well playing great defense against Kevin Martin, had one turnover in 18 minutes but his obvious weakness is at the charity stripe where he shot 3-6 making the game closer then it should have been but he looks like a steady PG giving Baron rest. Baron played 42 minutes but had we someone like Gary Payton backing him up then I worry Boom Dizzle could have played the whole game.

Matt Barnes Barnes didn't play?. Granted his performances haven't been up to scratch like last years but it would make another great story of Warriors’ redemption, the team could certainly use another productive body on the bench. POB playing for the first time in a while was largely ineffective picking up 2 fouls in a minute.

Rejection at it's finest

So basically the Warriors did their job but unfortunately for us, so did the Nuggets. As predicted, Denver mopped the floor with the Clippers leaving us still tied record-wise for the 8th spot in the west and sitting in 9th after all tiebreaker applications. The Warriors will have a lot to think about as they prepare to face the beast on Thursday night in what is...

Biggest game of the year

Thursday decides who gets the 8th seed literally. After delivering a demoralizingly poor performance against the Mavs last week, it’s time for the Warriors to seize the moment. Well-worn excuses and silver linings won’t get you to the promised land.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Golden State V Sacramento Preview


Despite a loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday evening , we were fortunate enough to witness Denver fall short on their matchup to the Sonics, keeping us tied for 8th place (technically 9th due to the regular season record) with matching win-loss records.

We may not have the same amount of luck again which is why tonight we find out what kind of team we are. Simply put we can't rely on Denver losing especially tonight where they face off against a 23-55 completely elimanted from playoff contention LA Clippers. Elton Brand is back but it's impossible to see Denver losing their 3rd in a row. Keep in mind the Warriors are facing a Kings team who have gone 5-2 in their last seven games with wins over Houston and Denver. Last time these two played Sacramento blew them out of the bulding. The Warriors defense made Kevin Martin (34 points), Ron Artest (26 points), Mikki Moore (19 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks), and Brad Miller (14 points and 13 rebounds) look like they were they were a cast of Dream Teamers and some would even argue this is the best team not in the playoff hunt right now.

Fortunately Pietrus returns to a team that lacks depth. . MP2's defense, rebounding, scoring, and hustle have been sorely missed on a team that lacks depth so hopefully there's more of the same tonight.

Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors win, Denver loses.
* Warriors by 8.

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Orleans: 108 Golden State:96

The playoff chase isn't over far from it. Granted the Warriors were beaten by a superior Hornets team but the comination of results elesewhere means the Warriors for the second year in a row are fighting for the 8th and final spot in the West. Never mind Peja's damn three pointer at the halftime buzzer yet. Pargo lighting us up from the bench. New Orleans' 37 point quarter or CP3's first triple double of the year. The Warriors are still in the playoff hunt but this does feel like a chance wasted.


Sunday’s must-win game against the Hornets wasn’t on the level of the epic disasters we witnessed in Texas. Andris had a tremendously active game, rolling to the basket in the first half, fighting for rebounds all night, and doing his best to keep the Hornets away from the rim. Monta, similarly, left everything out on the court, refusing to cease his attacks on the basket even after the rest of the Warriors looked content to pull up for threes. We even saw signs of life from Al Harrington, still crippled from the outside due to a thumb injury but doing his best to fight for rebounds and steal scrap points around the basket. Outside of the starters, only Azubuike saw meaningful minutes (and finally returned to earth after an excellent run the past week).

Despite these performances, this team does not belong to Biedrins, Ellis, Harrington or Azubuike. This team goes as far as Baron and Jax will take it. In April (Spurs, Mavs, Memphis, New Orleans), they’ve been powerless:

Davis’ April vs. season averages: .377 / .430 field goal percentage, 2.0 / 5.3 free throws per game, 3.8 / 2.79 turnovers per game, 5.0 / 7.6 assists, and 16.3 / 21.9 points.

Jackson’s April vs. season averages: .255 / .408 field goal percentage, 0.25 / 5.0 free throws per game, 0.8 / 1.3 steals per game, 3.3 / 4.6 rebounds per game, 7.0 / 20.3 points per game.

Given those numbers, the Warriors’ end-of-the-season swoon has actually been less severe than it should have been, thanks to big games from Ellis, Biedrins and Azubuike. That will be little comfort, however, during the final weeks of April.

The truth

Some other observations

: Someone pay Monta please. He was incredible the way he played tonight and he showed a bit of veterans savy playing the 4th with 5 fouls . No doubt after this game and his 20 PPG average there will be plenty of teams willing to take a look at him during the offseason. Hopefully we show him the money

: Chris Paul easily beat Baron in this matchup hands dwom maybe proving what Bryon Scott already knew when Davis wasn't slected for the All Star game this year.

: Biedrins was active 15 boards, 6 of them offensive. I'm really starting to dig his rebounding consistency

: Thank god Denver lost. Lets hope they regret it.

The Warriors’ loss to New Orleans, if nothing else, was honest. We stuck to the same plan we’ve deployed all year. The few moments it worked were as exciting as ever, but those moments are now few and far between. Last season we found ways to win these April games. This year, we’re having trouble finding ways to stay close. After 2007, we know what a playoff push looks like. It’s a knowledge that now can only gnaw at us as we watch this month — and season — slip by.

So here we sit... grateful that Denver blew their game but still as vulnerable as can be. And while I regret the fact that I didn't get to see this game in real time, there is one thing I can't possibly regret. This endless feeling of anxiety and suspense we all have right now for tomorrow's game against the Kings?!. I feel it consitantly

Youtube Monday: Durant Effect

It's funny just how former Golden State coaches have a dramatic effect on the playoff race. Last year it was Eric Musselman coaching the Kings to a key victory against the Clippers which opened the door for the Warriors as 8th seed. Needless to say they took advantage. This year it was PJ Carelismo and his lottery bound Sonics winning an incredible double OT game over Denver which although doesn't give the Warriors control over their own destiny just yet it certainly makes it easier then being one game behind Denver had they won. So for todays Youtube Monday lets all thank a certain MR Durant for saving our season and keeping us alive in this impossibly tight playoff race.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Who wants it more?

Seriously the way the last few weeks have gone there has been so many twists to this playoff race that even the most hardened Seattle fan could never have perdicted a ridiculous 150-147 double Overtime victory. Exactly six hours before things were going the complete oppossite in New Orleans where the Warriors picked up an unfortunate loss where then it looked like their playoff hopes were severly damaged. But in a city renowned for it's rain as much as the Coffee they serve the Warriors playoff hopes are still alive. Check the ESPN recap for more information. To me this playoff push looks like both teams are struggling to make the,. Golden State are 4-6 in their last 10 while Denver lost two in a row (@ home vs Sacramento (without Artest and Brad Miller), on the road vs Seattle)

Denver I'm actually stunned how a group of Iverson, Carmelo and renowned shotblocker Marcus Camby could be in mix for the 8th spot. You look at this team and you atomatically thinkthey should be at the most a 4th seed but they've lost to a Kings team without two of their best players and they lost to the sonics whom they beat by 52 when they previously met. They are not helped by George Karl doing a bad coaching job but you still have to wonder just how big an impact these two loses will have on the race for 8th.

Golden State If the Warriors had gone into this sort of slump in January it wouldn't have mattered so much. Right now however this just isn't the same sort of team that we saw from March to May. That was a team that thrived on Crowd energy, made few mistakes and played a uptempo game during the playoffs which actually made Playoff Basketball worth rewatching. Whether it's to do from the inferior crowd from last year, Barnes massive decline in form, Jackson's recent struggles I don't know but two straight bad losses to the Spurs and Mavericks should not happen to a team fighting to make the playoffs.

Final Push The Warriors control their own destiny. Win out and we face the #1 seed in the West. It's a 5 game season. I'm not predicting anything because I'm not going to jinx anything. All I know is, I'm nervous but damn excited that we're in another playoff chase.

Golden State V New Orleans Preview


Biggest game of the year? Well, it's too damn early in the morning for that and every game here on out is the biggest game of the year! But tied in 8th we need to push forward if we are going to make the playoffs and with only 6 more games remaining, we have to win this one. Playing against the "best team" in the West, we are going to have a hell of a time controlling Chris Paul.

But if one man can do it. It's Baron Davis!

The Hornets are a mystery to me. I think they are a first round upset waiting to happen, but somehow they keep winning and winning and winning. I just don't get it. Well for one, they have an incredible player by the name of Chris Paul. Arguably MVP candidate for this year it will be interesting to see if Baron brings his A-game today.

The Hornets remind me a lot of the Warriors, just more successful. With Peja playing well of late and Chandler finding a nice groove in that system it's going to be tough but I believe in our Warriors, I really do.

I want to see Monta and Baron light it up, but I also want to see Jackson and Biens play like old and regain our confidence. We got a gift wrapped in golden paper last night when the Kings beat the Nuggets and hopefully today's double-header of Lakers vs. Mavs will help us out. Rooting for the Kings and Lakers ... uggghh I shiver, but sometimes you have to take one for the Team

Paul is the warrior killer
Monta has a really big game
West kills us on the boards
Warriors by 4

Friday, April 4, 2008

Golden State: 117 Memphis:86

The main strength of a playoff team is to bounce back in easy fashion right after they suffer a loss of any kind. Against Memphis a team obviously tanking a win isn't much to celebrate although this stage everyone is needed. It was essentially over at Halftime a much needed victory in the bag. Now the focus is on Dallas and Denver time to start praying they start losing otherwhise we get the unwanted appearance of watching TNT's gone fishing cards segment.


It's a pity this sort of energy wasn't bought every night especially during the Texas two step or the denver game. Having said that it's all in the past. From tip off the Warriors literally controlled the game taking a quick lead and gliding to a 117 – 86 victory. It was actually fun to see the bench contribute in so many ways.

Bench Without Pietrus they strolled. How exciting was it to see Marco Belinelli get his first real minutes of action. He clearly has bulked up since November and is playing aggressively, particularly when it comes to fighting through screens. There was one what the hell moment when he threw he ran down the side, lifted up and floated a long range fade-a-way 2 pointer that swished. He had an extremely prodcutive 13 points and shot 6-11 from the floor. If he works on his Defense a lot more this offseason he might be a useful addition.

It was also nice to see Brandon Wrightget a lot of burn. I've bene on the fence recently for claiming we didn't get much from the J-Rich trade but he showed just how many offensive moves he can deploy. From a sweet 14-foot jumper to a sweeping drive across the lane Wright may not yet able to stop the Duncans and Boozers's of this League but I would feel a lot more comfortable that him and Andris front him more so then Stephen Jackson.

CJ Watson may not be spectacular but tonight he provided useful backup minutes to Baron. He certainly wasn’t shy during garbage time and had no reason to be given his hot hand. With 9 points shooting 4 for 4, CJ had a nice spark off the bench allowing our starters like Baron and Jackson to sit out most of the 4th.

Monta Ellis The last two games Monta had two below par efforts. Tonight it was back to normal with a superhuman 8-12 effort from the field. His statline was nothing spectacular 19 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals but it was his explosiveness that makes him so fun to watch. Easily the fastest player he dominated Mike Conley at bith ends of the floor. Sunday night is where he really needs to repeat this success helped by the minimal 31 minutes he played.

The Grizzlies There's tanking but with the way Memphis played tonight this bought it to a new level.To add salt to the wound, when we were up by 26 points in the third, Baron hustled for a steal during an inbound play and as he grabbed the ball Conley just stood there watching. No effort what so ever. Sometimes though you gotta take whats given to you. Biedrins was a large part of for tonights win putting up 21 and 17.

Kelenna: He took a turn as one of Nellie's undersized Power forwards and delivered a competent performance On offense, he opened up the court by hitting his early outside shots. The extra space allowed Monta and Andris more room to get to the rim. The rest is history. He's been quieter then normal the last couple of months but I think thats down to a contract situation and no one likes a second year player with bad Knees. It's great to see him back in early season form regardless.

Friday really just showed how another twist on the rollercoaster hasd been quite common this season. The depression to the Dallas loss wasn't overblown that was genuinely a important game for our playoff chances. Guranteed the Warriors have made a lot of mistakes and bad games this season but Memphis showed it could be much worse

Golden State V Memphis Preview


It's hard to be fully optomistic at this time of the year but with the Dubs Losing 3 of our last 4 games and looking sluggish at best, we are a full game out of the playoff hunt with only 7 games remaining. We basically are in full panic mode right now. Fortunately one bright spot to tonights game is that the Warriors have won all encounters against Memphis. Right after two lacksadasical losses this game could't have come at a better time. Now I'm not trying to overlook the Grizz, but if we lose tonight consider us done for the year. We can't afford to lose any more games with Denver playing well and considering their next three games are against teams under .500 we better take tonight seriously.

With the emergence of Mike Conley Jr. and Rudy Gay teaming up with Warrior killer Mike Miller, this is going to be tough. If we play lackadaisical like we did against the Mavs, it's going to be a long game. If we are going to make the playoffs and win the majority of our remaining 7 games, we desperately need Jackson to step up. Unseen in the past 2 losses, he has to regain the leadership and take us to the playoffs. Monta and Baron couldn’t do it alone last game. Will Pietrus be back in time? I sure hope so.

Rudy Gay has 20 points 9 dimes
Monta gets 30
Jackson finally show up
Warriors by 8

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dallas: 111 Golden State: 86

I'm just not sure what to say. One of the biggets games of the season and they just didn't show up. A large part of me is fustrated, pessimistic and upset at the fact that the Mavs are basically in the Postseason the Warriors are out.There's no denying it's been a fun ride and since something miraculous happens within the next 7 games this is where it offically ended. It may be hard to belieive but in this season defining game the team looked as lifeless as we’ve seen them since they started 0-6.


Defense Whats defense?

Tempo and Defense Much like the Houston game earlier this year the Mavs beat the Warriors at their own game not that the Warriors ever played it.They ran up and down the court faster, defended much better, and played like a team. Credit to Dallas defense bascically challenging every shot, contested every jumper and made it difficult for the Warriors to get any sort of a rhythm on offense. They allowed Monta and Baron to drive and score in the lane at will taking the gamble that Jackson and Harrington would go ice cold much like the Spurs last night. Monta had 27 points (12-19) and Baron scored 20 (8-17. While both found a mini rythm neither can be said for Jackson or Harrington both combining for for 8 points on 2-20 shooting. It was clear Avery Johnson did his homework on Biedrins as all the one and one play took Biedrins out of the gameplan .

Warriors Defense Defense what Defense?. I've never seen a poorer effort on defense tonight in any game this season. I know Nellieball isn't renowned for defensive plays of the year but Dallas did so much on offense it was nuts. Josh Howard went nuts on his way to 28, Jason Terry hit everything on his way to 31 and there was absolutely no transition defense. Here's the defining stat Dallas scored 44 fast break points compared to just 16 for the Warriors but that doesn't take into account just how many 3 on 2's, 4 on 2's, 4 on 1's,uncontested layups, backdoor alley oops, wide open 10 footers. It was disgusting to watch.

Sums it up really

Tiredness The main excuse would be they just cam off a back to back in San Antonio so therefore their legs wouldn't be as fresh. Baloney I say. There is no justication for being blown out on national TV and blaming tired legs as a factor. The starters had about 18 minutes rest last night which is perfect timing. You have to keep the game competitive and give yourself a best chance to win. Dare I say it but even Mike montgomery's Warriors would have beaten tonights.

Kidd factor I always liked Kidd a bay area native who's had decent and excellent stints in in Dallas the first time around, in Phoenix, and in New Jersey but tonight it was just hard watching him dominate. Don't let the 5 points fool you he collected 17 assists more then the entire Warriors roster!. Dallas dominanace was all down to the Jason Kidd brilliance.

Mikeal Pietrus: The sooner he comes back the better.I never thought I would write these words but his scoring and rebounding contribution are invaluable for a squad that has absolutely no depth at the moment.I believe he's injured enough to not play. I also believe he doesn't want to jeopardize his to be signed contract in the summer. However the sooner he gets back on track the better off we are

So what now . No doubt the Texas mini trip was a big disaster for our playoff hopes. The comebacks against the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards of the NBA have sadly been far and few between during the last two months. No doubt a big part of it was indeed much of our energy was wasted in these comeback attempts that this could be a valid reason for the team looking lethargic and tired in the final stretch. Last year the confidence by the fans and players carried us into the second round where no one belieived we could. This season it appears over confiedence has been something a lot of the players have been suffering from. There have been some amazing wins see the Spurs or Lakers games but this momentum only gets you so far.

The question is what next. There may have been a lot of missed defensive assigments and too many shots rimming out in Dallas but this team has come too far for me to deenounce their hopes.We’ve talked about the problems above all season. We’ve known that they could sink us. It’s up to the team now to prove us wrong. April 17th is judgement day

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Golden State V Dallas preview


To show you just how big tonights game is ESPN Deportes has a preview

Para reservar un lugar en el sillón

Los Mavericks, que no contarán con Dirk Nowitzki, se miden frente a los Warriors en un partido vital para ambos en la búsqueda de playoffs. Televisa ESPN desde las 21.30 ET

Para evitar otra derrota en manos de los Warriors, Nowitzki intentó volver a la cancha antes de lo previsto tras haber sufrido una dura lesión, pero desafortunadamente para los Mavericks, aún no está en condiciones para jugar el miércoles por la noche contra Golden State en un crucial enfrentamiento entre contendientes de la Conferencia Oeste que están intentando posicionarse en los playoffs.

I have no idea whats been said but just to break the tension I thought it would be amusing just to look at the Spanish take of it. This is the most important game of the year. I know I've said that countless times already but the Nuggets look like they have too much depth not to make the playoffs and once Dirk comes back it's essentially a race between these two. This mini Texas road trip got off to a horrible start last night with a blowout in San Antonio the incredibly biased San Antonio announcers arguably being the worst crew in the League. A loss tonight would be more ugly. It would put the Dubs a full 2 games behind the Dallas My Little Ponies for the 7th spot and 1.5 games behind the Denver Nougats for the final invitation to the Western Conference playoffs.

Dallas's depth is big though. Even without Dirk and certified Warrior killer Jerry Stackhouse (AP) the Mavs have a big advantage shooting percentage wise Josh Howard, Jason Terry and Json Kidd all dropping dimes. More poccession and more shots is the key for the Warriors. This is one of those "you have to remain focussed at all time" type of games that I honestly think they can take

The big 3 after last nights dismal showing all have a big game
Kidd messes around and gets a triple double
Howard is tonights Warrior killer
Warriors by 6