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Baron Davis Opts out what now?

After the draft where Randolph an anticapted project was picked up and the trade expception was let expire when the Warriors could have picked up some depthj the offseason looked pretty boring the mian priority was resigning Monta and Biedrins. Yet it just got a little interesting with the news Baron Davis opted out of his deal. . Does it mean he's leaving. No but his means his neogiating power with Mullin just got stronger. And most likely, even if Baron leaves, we'll get some sort of compensation though I'm not sure how well Mullin will negotiate that.

To be honest I'm not entirely surprised Baron opted out although with no PG under contract in Golden State it will be chaos for a few weeks here. Basically after completing 82 games for the first time in his career making critics eat their words on his injury history this would be a good time to cash in now. He's proved he can stay healthy albeit in a contract year teams in need of a top flight PG will want his services.

I also think more or less the Front Office doing nothing to improve the team was another factor. Lets face it signing Monta and Biedrins to long term deals and drafting another big man project who will be on the bench most of his 1st season isn't doing anything to stop you being a Playoff fringe team. Baron wants to win now and you have to respect that. Baron knows he doesn't have much time especially with Nelson around for most likely, 1 more year. If I were him, I'd be upset that the Warriors did nothing at the draft to improve the team and did nothing creative with the trade exception as well so you can understand his anguish

So what does it mean. Obviously Baron could sign with the Warriors for a long term deal more then the 17.5 million he wanted but if I'm the Warriors I would take into consideration much of the explosiveness we saw during the Playoff run and last season would be well gone and his injury history. It also means there are 3 teams that could sign him Memphis, Philly and the LA Clippers. Memphis is unlikely they've just drafted OJ Mayo and have Mike Conley and a ton of other Point Guards on their roster, Philly need to lose Andre Ingodula to have a chance at signing Baron and the Clippers his most likely desitnation could sign him but only if they lose Elton Brand and Corey Maggette. LA is his most likely destination.

And lastly, by far the most interesting and controversial outcome, Baron forces a sign and trade from the Warriors to another team. Most likely, he would force a trade to a contending team. Hence all the ridiculous trade proposals by some Warrior fans the next few weeks should this happen

Elton Brand also opted out could he be a Warrior. I didn't think he'd opt out either but supposedly after seeing what the Celtics did with 3 stars, he wants to do the same. So he wants to see the Clips make the same type of dedication to winning. I'm sure Baron has that in mind as well. Brand would look good in a Warrior uni, next to Baron of course.

Dirty Dozen #3

12 years. Never mind being the winningest Team not to make the Playoffs last year a drought of that callibre was hard to accept for our loyal fanbase. Who's to know that with a couple of different drafting decisions the Warriors could have been back amongst the Playoff elite. Alas because of GM's like Dave Twardzik and Garry St Jean hiring these horrible 11 coaches (Rick Adelman the exception) the Dubs and their fanbase suffered a long lasting playoff drought that haunts the franchise to this day. In between the time that Nellie stepped down in the '94-'95 season until the heartbreaking '05-'06 disaster, there were many, many, many coaches that have come and gone. What's a common characteristic of losing franchises? The hiring and firing of many coaches. Without further ado, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the years between the Nelson sandwich.

If you haven't already, check out Part 1 and Part 2. This last Dirty Dozen article completes the trilogy of futility, years 9-12, season 2002-2003 through 2005-2006, from Muss to Monty

2002-2003 (Record: 38-44)
Coach: Eric Musselman

Musselman was the best coach during this era and thats saying a lot. Right before his famous DUI arrest during his stint in Sacramento Musselman was given his first coaching position wiith the Warriors. His job improve a 21 win team the year before and take it to the brink of the Playoffs. He did just that. Even after a 4-11 start Arenas and Richardson were wooing the fans Richardson more so with his Slam Dunk Contest victory.. Arenas also won most Improved player and the Warriors were 30-30 making a run at the Playoff berth. Yet being the Warriors they went 8-22 the rest of the way and went 38-44.

Musselman should have won Coach of the year but finished second because of his high octane offense that ranked 2nd in points scored at 102.4 per game. Unforunately it was the last we were to see of Arenas and Jamison Arenas went to Washington while Jamison was traded to Dallas. Funnily enough after he was traded Jamison never missed the Playoffs. Yet even so Things were finally looking up for this franchise. A 5 game win improvement in the next year with the maturation of our young studs was going to put us back in the promised land...

2003-2004 (Record: 37-45)
Coach: Eric Musselman

Considering the constant injuries a 14-13 start was welcomed even though eventually it fell apart. Musselman still guided this Franchise to 37 wins but because he clashed with some of the players and management, he was shown the door despite being responsible for the amazing turnaround.

There were bright spots all around though. Richardson hit 18.7 PPG and was developing into a young talent. Dampier was in a contract season and played well enough to earn a large contract in the upcoming offseason. What's was possibly most impressive is that the Golden State Warriors went 27-14 at home (nevermind the 10-31 on the road). The were protecting their home floor and the fans were loving it at the rocking Arena.

So out went Muss, and in came a new regime. One was a former player and the other, a popular and incredibly successful college coach

2004-2005 (Record: 34-48)
Coach: Mike Montgomery

Oh boy what an ugly year Chris Mullin took over as Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Golden State Warriors and Mike Montgomery was hired as coach. The team was in a horrible going 16-38 before Mullin made his best trade as General Manager of the Warriors. He traded Dale Davis and Speedy Claxton for Baron Davis. The team finished 18-10 and rolled off a 14-4 finish leading to perhaps the first real season of hope. For once the Lakers didn't have a better record then us as we went 34-48.

Baron Davis won back-to-back NBA Player of the Week awards, a feat accomplished by only 7 other players. TMurph averaged another double double, JRich led the team in scoring, and the Warriors set a franchise attendance record averaging 16,350 fans per game.

Oh great things were going to come next year. We would have an invite to that thing they call the playoffs. Our season wouldn't end after 82 games. We could take that permanent "Gone Fishing" sign down from the entrance to the Arena. It was all taking shape so perfectly...

2005-2006 (Record: 34-48)
Coach: Mike Montgomery

This was the year. The national media predicted the Warriors in the playoffs. The national media predicted the Warriors in the playoffs. The national media predicted the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. In fact during the new year when the Warriors were 17-14 they actually looked good making their promise. Unforunately their demise happenned in the doom and gloom of January and February when Baron Davis got injured and the Warriors won just 4 times out of 13 games finishing with a identical 34-48 record. The excuses were laid out It wasn't any one player's fault, it wasn't all the coaches' fault. Things didn't click blah blah blah but eventually led to Montgomery's firing and Nellieball we now know off

Even after writing this I feel all dirty. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. I'm going to need a little Nelson to wash the taste out of my mouth.

Hope you enjoyed this "wonderful" trip down memory lane. Knowing the struggles and where we've been will only make this season more exciting and fun to be a part of.

To recap, the overall record after the last playoffs season is 332-620 (0.349 winning percentage). Here's a breakdown of the 12 years of "interim" coaches:
Bob Lanier, Rick Adelman x 2, PJ Carlesimo x 2, Garry St. Jean, Dave Cowens, Brian Winters, Eric Musselman x 2, and Mike Montgomery x 2.

In other words and counting the time he was with Golden State before and after these two seasons Nelson has won 367 games not including the Playoffs. So next time I or anyone else complain about Nelson just rememember the dirty dozen era

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Dirty Dozen #2

12 years. Never mind being the winningest Team not to make the Playoffs last year a drought of that callibre was hard to accept for our loyal fanbase. Who's to know that with a couple of different drafting decisions the Warriors could have been back amongst the Playoff elite. Alas because of GM's like Dave Twardzik and Garry St Jean hiring these horrible 11 coaches (Rick Adelman the exception) the Dubs and their fanbase suffered a long lasting playoff drought that haunts the franchise to this day. In between the time that Nellie stepped down in the '94-'95 season until the heartbreaking '05-'06 disaster, there were many, many, many coaches that have come and gone. What's a common characteristic of losing franchises? The hiring and firing of many coaches. Without further ado, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the years between the Nelson sandwich.

If you haven't already check out Part 1 Up next is the 2nd of our 3 part series, the 1998-1999 season to the 2001-2002 season.

1998-1999 (Record: 21-29)
Coach: PJ Carlesimo

Look at his drafting mistakes

I think the 05-06 season rivals this in terms of how tough it was for the fans not to see any Playoff appearance. Because of the infamous lockout the season was shortened to 50 games meaning all the Warriors had to do was win 30 and they'd be in. All the newcomers and rookies failed to make a difference however Jamison the exception showing we got some value in the Vince Carter trade. His nifty array of low post moves meant the Warriors recorded the 2nd best improvement in the League behind Toronto and even though a Playoff berth wasn't achieved there was hope available for the following year

But then like the other Seasons the draft was the Warriors worst enemy. . Bimbo Coles, Duane Ferrell and the #10 pick (Jason Terry) for Mookie Blaylock and the #21 pick. Ugh. After the huge improvement from the year before, management believed we were just a solid veteran away from making the playoffs and breaking the 5 year streak. It only got worse.

1999-2000 (Record: 19-63)
Coach: Garry St. Jean

GSW Hoops 1994-2006

Trying to find any bright spots of this tedious season is impossible unless the embarassement of seeing Owner Chris Cohan getting booed at the 2000 All Star game where the fans decided to show their anger at a Cheap Front Office on a Worldwide stage. This time there were no chokings or trading away of veteran players to blame. PJ failed as the coach and a couple days after Christmas, he was relieved of his duties only to have St Jean coach the team. A new lineup was established as Larry Hughes was acquired with Jamison but even then Warrior fans could still see Larry couldn't stop taking so many bad shots. It wasn't all bad though. Even crappy teams have good players who produce. Jamison upped his points per game to 19.6, Larry Hughes (acquired in a trade for the Warriors first rounder) averaged 22.7 after the trade, and Donyell averaged a double-double. Despite the achievements, the 19-63 record is still 19-63, there's no way to sugar coat that one.

2000-2001 (Record: 17-65)
Coach: Dave Cowens
When he's not driving a Taxi coaching is what he does best

With Larry Hughes not emerging as the dominant force fans expected the Warriors were screwed. It's that simple. Mookie Baylockand Vonteego Cummings are not getting you to the Playoffs and the Warriors couldn't make it out of the 15-20 win column once again. It was just one more year of missing the playoffs, next year would be our year!. Eventually Larry Hughes left and signed with the Washington Wizards

For bright spots, again, there was Jamison producing like no other Warrior could as he averaged nearly 25 points and 9 rebounds per game. Also, the team finished first in the NBA in offensive rebounds and second in total rebounds. Looks like a worthless stat to me. Do rebounds really help you win ball games then? Another bright spot would be the draft. St Jean really outdid himself here. JRich, Murphy, and Arenas all in one draft? Wow. Sometimes picking names out of a hat does work.

2001-2002 (Record: 21-61)
Coach: Brian Winters

Just a little scary

Winters finally got us above the 15-20 win column but barely. This 5 year stretch of wins 19, 21 (lockout season), 19, 17, 21. A combined 97-281, good for a 0.313 winning percentage

As for the season, Dave Cowens was mercifully relieved of his duties as coach by Brian Winters. Neither was any good.

Oh but statistical positives galore. Danny Fortson was 4th in the NBA in rebounding and the Warriors were #1 in the NBA in rebounding and offensive rebounding. The Warriors twin towers version of David Robinson and Tim Duncan, Erick Dampier and Adonal Foyle, both finished in the top 10 in blocked shots. The biggest bright spot though was the superb play of our rookies, especially JRich and Arenas. The draft came and there was a consensus top 2, Yao Ming and Jay Williams. Unfortunately, the Warriors had pick #3. That pick brought us fan favorite Mike Dunleavy Jr. straight out of Duke.

Change was looming because Winters was not destined to be the Warriors coach for long.

Dirty Dozen #1

12 years. Never mind being the winningest Team not to make the Playoffs last year a drought of that callibre was hard to accept for our loyal fanbase. Who's to know that with a couple of different drafting decisions the Warriors could have been back amongst the Playoff elite. Alas because of GM's like Dave Twardzik and Garry St Jean hiring these horrible 11 coaches (Rick Adelman the exception) the Dubs and their fanbase suffered a long lasting playoff drought that haunts the franchise to this day. In between the time that Nellie stepped down in the '94-'95 season until the heartbreaking '05-'06 disaster, there were many, many, many coaches that have come and gone. What's a common characteristic of losing franchises? The hiring and firing of many coaches. Without further ado, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the years between the Nelson sandwich.

1994-1995 (Record: 26-56)
Coach: Nellie to Bob Lanier

Lets be honest here this season was turning out to be a mess before it even started. The Ronny Siekly acquisition did nothing to improve our softeness down low but this was a mild act compared to Chris webber and demanding to opt out claiming irreconcilable differences with Head Coach Don Nelson. Later on Webber part 2 Nelson claimed responsibility for the whole fiasco. With Webber traded to Washington for Tom Gugliotta and three first-round draft choices another decision that set the team back further. Gugliotta was later proved to be a bum and was then traded to Minnesota where we got three first-round draft choices. Gugliotta would later be traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Donyell Marshall. See how even back then we were the experts in getting nothing in trades the Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson/ Harrington ones nonwithstanding.

Of course even with 56 losses the positives were there. Sprewell reprsented the Warriors in the All Start Game, Tim Hardaway averaged 20 points and 9 assists, and Gatling led the league in FG% at .633. Then to top it all off, we won the draft lottery! The #1 pick! Joe Smith or Jerry Stackhouse. Jerry Stackhouse or Joe Smith. (By the way, KG went #5 to the TWolves. Eventually we were to discover drafting is your own worst enemy at times

1995-1996 (Record: 36-46)
Coach: Rick Adelman

Adelman was and still is a good coach. But for some reason he couldn't use the Coaching magic produced in Sacramento and Houston to muster up a Playoff appearance. It wasn't like Twardzik made a bad hire Adelamn unlike the rest of the list was experienced guiding the Blazers to 2 NBA Finals and a Western Conference Final. He made the playoffs every year he was there. He had experience but once in Golden State he had no idea how to stop a sinking ship. Sprewell and Joe Smith were the two Franchise players as hard as it may seem to believe now Smith won Rookie of the Month awards in December and February and even made the All-Rookie First team.

To be fair I'll give him a pass. It still doesn't add up why Tim Hardaway now known for his I hate gay people speech was traded getting no one in return sorry I meant Kevin Willis and Bimbo Coles from Miami. Apologies. For those of you who remember Chris Webber, Tim Hardaway and Chris Gatling turned into Donyell Marshall, Kevin Willis, and Bimbo Coles. It's enough to make a grownup cry. A 10 win improvement didn't matter squat as Todd Fuller was selected with the 11th pick. Oh well onto next season

1996-1997 (Record: 30-52)
Coach: Rick Adelman

Adelman was back for another season hoping to repeat the Warriors and Suns fascinating 1st round battle in 1994 back when Barkley had his now famous game 3. It was all planned out according to the Front Office. Sprewell signed a 4 year extension and Joe Smith was to plan out as a Superstar. As well as all these positives Adonal Foyle once the longest tenured Warrior was selected out of College Basketball powerhouse Colgate University. Aside from the inconvienence of havinng to move out of Oakland Coliseum because of rennovations this was the year the drought would be ended.

6 Months later and a 30-52 record Chris mullin was shown some loyalty by being traded to the Pacers getting Erick Dampier in return. Adelman was fired during the offseason, but here's an interesting tidbit. Take a wild guess at the only 2 years one of Coach Adelman's teams did not make the playoffs? Here's another fun fact. Guess who succeeded Adelman in Portland? PJ Carlesimo. Guess who succeeded Adelman in Golden State? PJ Carelsimo

1997-1998 (Record: 19-63)
Coach: PJ Carlesimo

This was suppossed to be an entirely new era in the Bay Area. The Warriors had new uniforms, a new logo, a new arena, and a new Coach P.J. Carlesimo. No one anticopated a 1-14 start, the choking or the courtroom and press battles that were to follow that a flow of optimism was commonplace even though the fanbase started to realise the horrible drafting mistakes that had just taken place.

Unforutnately the 1-14 start did PJ no favours and then Spreweel vented his disgust by choking Carlesimo . Whilst you can't defend the physical violence apparently according to one team insider Sprewell was frequently berated by Carlesimo and picked on because he was the star and had the most influence on the rest of the team. Sprewell was suspended for the rest of the season, Joe Smith was traded the constant battles in the courtroom and press were frequent and eventually Sprewell went to the Knicks. The optimism that flowed had noe evaporated. In typical Warrior style.

The bright spots? You would have had to wait out the entire year and playoffs for what has become the highlight of the Warriors season, the NBA draft. This time the Warriors got Antawn Jamison in a trade for Vince Carter. Ooops.

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14 Post Draft Day 2008 Warrior Thoughts

Compared to previous years the 2008 Draft was relatively quiet for the Golden State Warriors but unlike the last few games of the 07-08 season this was a win. There we no Rasheed and Billups deals for Baron here this was a quiet low key draft and it looks like the Warriors got a decent Lottery pick. The one and only

In the 2nd round the Warriors selected Richard Hendrix with the 49th pick out of another SEC School Alabama

The day for the Warriors can be summed as the following: No one expected the unexpected. (By the way wasn't that 8Ball, MJD, Puffy, and Mase track classic?) Here's 14 thoughts about the day:

1. Mullin and the draft: Have to give Mullin credit here. Unlike the Mullin of 2004 where he would have picked Kosta Koufas or de andre Jordan he choose the best player available which was Randolph. Already experts like Chad Ford and some basketball blogs have blasted the pick. I say blasphemy. Yes, he’s just as frail and skinny as B-Wright, but he has more handles and is a bit more explosive. There’s really no argument for redundancy because last time I checked, we had about 5 or 6 guys under contract. Randolph was hands down the BPA

2. Randolph and Nellie: Don't think for a second that Anthony Randolphs W life is going to be easy next year as a rookie playing for Coach Don Nelson. Nellie is notoriously tough on rookies and even tougher on first year big men (see Webber, Chris and O'Bryant, Patrick). Randolph is a fabulous prospect, but do you really think Nellie has all that much patience right now to spend developing a power forward?

3. Next year .
My biggest worry with the Randolph pick is weight. Randolph is still notoriously skinny and in fact the first and only time I will agree with Stephen A smith on somethig was when he asked Randolph when he plans to bulk up. On the other hand He’ll be able to get away with being a twig playing the 3 spot. He may be skinny, but he already has skills as seen by the fact he can bench 220.

4. Al Harrington Better not get too comfortable. Even though the Varejao deal didn't materialise the Warriors will have seven players at the 3 and 4 spots (Jackson, Harrington, Wright, Randolph, Azubuike, Barnes, Hendrix). That’s probably one too many, even assuming Randolph and Hendrix are brought along slowly. The most likely to leave look like Harrington and Wright . Harrington, however, is a player that can contribute to an NBA team now but has likely outlived his role on the Warriors. The question is with a roster full of frontline players what does mullin do

5. Use the TPE I love how all the pro Richardson trade people used this as a pro when the deal went down. Sadly Mullin ignored this come draft day If Mullin and Cohan don’t find a way to use the TPE — even just a few million of it — to improve the team, it’ll be hard to call this draft weekend a succes

6. Memphis not interested in Ellis With the grizzlies getting OJ Mayo it appears for sure Monta will be a Warrior next season. Philly are apparently considerably over the cap but the Warriors may no longer be facing competition for the services of their star guard. The absence of a true offer-sheet threat may knock as much as a million or so off Monta’s deal per year. That’s extra money under the luxury tax threshold for Cohan and Mullin to spend with the trade exception

7. Western Conference Race Portland and Seattle both improved dramatically. The Wolves gained two nice pieces in Love and Miller. Even the Clippers avoided messing things up too badly. The end picture is a grim one for the Warriors — four of their peers making a strong push for the playoff. The result means the Warriors have to make a big trade or something

Anthony Randolph mix

8. Hendrix Hendrix surprsingly fell further down especially for a guy who's earned comparassions to Boozer. Yet unlike Ike Diogu this guy has a better range of offensive diversity. After watching the Warriors flounder around at the end of last year, unable to score points other than off of pick-and-rolls by Andris, drives by Monta, and threes from everyone else, Hendrix will be a wonderful addition to our offensive diversity. When you factor in his reportedly solid rebounding and defense, there’s a lot to get excited about. Why did he draft to the second round? His height, like Ike’s, is obviously a concern plus he has lateral quickness issues but still an intriuging prospect

9. The fact remains that the Warriors were able to net a lottery pick and a sleeper late second rounder in a very loaded NBA Draft was a stroke of luck. That's both commendable and very impressive, not to mention extremely creative. Who knows how these 2 players will pan out in the end, but it does speak volumes about their talent level to be picked in those spots in this particular draft with Nellie's input.

10. Some tidbits from his scouting report he had an excellent junior season at Alabama, but NBA scouts have been skeptical in the past. They think Hendrix succeeds because of his strength. Once he gets to the NBA, he'll look much more average. Still, given the numbers he's put up at Alabama, you have to give him a look

It's east see Randolph coming in as a backup replacement for Jackson, not starting with Wright and Biedrins. He’s a very different player than Wright; handles the ball, shoots, etc.

I see Mullin and Nelson increasingly at odds, which means it will take 2 years for this team to go far; i.e. after Nellie and small ball are put out to pasture. Unless Nellie has a revelation and changes. Spots on horses however rarely change. We’ll see.

Good move Mullie. I really appreciate what you have done in last 2-3 years.

12, Mullins full of it This is fantastic. Mullin has become a master of setting up smoke screens and manipulating the media to leave everyone confused. Again, excellent poker face. You gotta love a front office man who's ready to take a gamble and shock the world. I was worried that he was going to be another complacent GM a la Gary St. Jean when he didn't pull the trigger for a much-needed shakeup in that terrible 2005-2006 campaign, but things have completely turned around for the better with regard to his style of front office moves.

An early glimpse at the guy

13.I honestly don't think Mullin and Nellie are done dealing yet. If these moves were simply a precursor to a net a bigger fish- like some masala fried fish then count me in as a huge proponent of the Warriors' moves on draft day

14. Provided Anthony Randolph isn't a flat out bust, the Warriors set themselves up for a sparkling bright future 5 years from now. If Wright and Biedrins can both eat right and put on some weight, they could be a nice 4/5 tandem in the league for a decade. That's a big deal in a league that prizes good big men.


Thoughts on both Picks?

Draft Day Reflection

The day after. A realization that potentially the Warriors might have made a decent Lottery pick. With De Andre Jordan and Kosta Koufas draft stock falling like flies Anthony randolph seemed to make the most sesnse and wasn't a panic pick at all rumored as high as the 5-8 range earlier in the draft season and is so young that we’ve likely only begun to see the scope of what he can accomplish (much like a certain 07 lottery big man). So while I’m thrilled the team ended up with Randolph, I’m not sure how much credit to give Mullin for the pick. Offensively, a Randolph, Wright, Biedrins front line would be an offensive rebounding dream team. We can sleep soundly following the 08 draft because we nabbed the best player on the board. We have all off-season and the following three years to figure out how we can use him and whether we want to keep him.

SF Gate

This just in: Portland has traded for another player
Seriously, I think Portland just drafted and traded for an entire new team. Everytime I looked up the Blazers had made a trade to pick up an extra draft pick. They have some great young talent there, but they'll need a solid veteran to show them the ropes out there. 12 young guys learning the NBA on their own isn't going to work as well as having someone to mentor them on and off the court. I hope they pick someone up because that team could be very good next year.

Knicks drafting Daniel Gallinari Another interesting moment the guy reminds me of a taller version of Marco. The thing is Daniel is incredibly raw plus where would he fit in the Knicks Frontcourt when you have David Lee, Zach Randolph. Daniel pulled down 6 boards a game in the Italian League as well so he's arguably more of a raw prospest then Jordan. Having said that his Dads history with Mike D'antoni was the main factor for this pick.

A bust written all over him

T-Wolves trade OJ Mayo for Kevin Love from Memphis Honestly I can't figure out why Minnesota did this. It must've been because Love makes better outlet passes than Jefferson? but wither way MCHale solidified his reputation as the GM with the array of dumb moves. He pretty much duplicates Jefferson because neither play Center. Foye + Mayo + Brewer + Jefferson made sense

Please turn off Dickie V and Stephen A. Smith
Could these two be any more annoying? You have microphones on. I CAN HEAR YOU. People speak louder to emphasize a point. People do not speak loud the entire time they talk. It makes me want to put the tv on mute. Go away please.

Exciting Draft Day Trades
It was a very exciting draft, more so than the last few. Outside of the top two picks, a lot went down including Mayo for Love, Yi for Jefferson swap, All the Portland trades. This helps even out the conferences for the short term, but the West just picked up two more bright young players.

Anyway onto the links

ESPN (Chad Ford)

Interesting pick for the Warriors. At this point you go with the best talent available, and I think, as far as upside goes, that was Randolph. Here's the problem: They drafted the same kind of guy last year, Brandan Wright, another super-athletic freshman forward drafted on the basis of potential. What do they do now that they have both of them


At 6-10 and a shade under 200 pounds, Randolph has been criticized for his thin frame and lack of strength, but is lauded for his tremendous athleticism, wingspan, and potential. His versatility is exactly what Don Nelson looks for, as he'll be able to create his own shot or spot up from mid-range but he can't shoot from the three-point range just yet.

Randolph does, however, add something that the Warriors desperately needed: defensive ability. Although he's still coming into his own as far as learning the game of basketball, his quickness allows for him to stay in front of his opponents and his wingspan makes him a formidable shot-blocker.

Another Skinny Kid (Janny Hu)

And with that pick, they took 6-11 freshman Anthony Randolph, who was asked immediately by ESPN's Stephen A. Smith when he planned to hit the weights. He weighs less than 200 pounds.

The Warriors Big draft plans (Adam Lauridsen - Fast Break: A Warriors Fan Blog)

They might not have the strength at the moment to push guys off the block (although Randolph’s slim frame appears to hide some significant muscle), but there will be a sea of arms between the ball and the rim on any post move. Regardless of whether Randolph pans out as a small forward, I’m happy with the pick

Warriors take Anthony Randolph hey sometimes it's not a smokescreen (Tim Kawakami)

Yep, it wasn’t a smokescreen: The Warriors hinted for days that if Anthony Randolph was there at 14, they were taking him. He was just too good a prospect to pass, even if he’s raw and might take some time to develop.

I’m curious. I think he’s a tremendous talent. I don’t know where Don Nelson plays him, but you have to take a player like that if the next-best choice is JaVale McGee or Kosta Koufos.

This is just the beginning with more links to come! Feel free to drop your own links to articles in the comment to make this link fest stronger

Stay tuned

Today was a big, big, big day for Warriors Nation. The 2008 NBA Draft is now over, but keep it locked on Irish Warriors. We've got tons more in store

With the 49th pick of the 08 draft the Golden State

Richard Hendrix

Great shot blocker but not great rebounder. Needs to get tougher.

ESPN player profile /

Thursday, June 26, 2008

With the 30th pick of the 08 draft the Boston Celtics select

J.R Giddens

Meaningless pick but the real news is Houston just traded Batum to Portland. for Arthur and 2nd rd pick. I'm not sure what the Blazers are negotiating style wise but they may have just passed the dubs by in the Western Conference elite / Draft Express

With the 29th pick of the 08 Draft Detroit Pistons select

D.J White

DJ White and Mbenga only two players in the League with DJ as their names. He seems like a Josh Howard type player who can score in a lot of ways. Reports say he's not very fundamentally sound, but he seems pretty skilled / Draft Express

With the 28th pick of the 08 draft the Memphis Grizzlies select

Donte Green

Green and Love. Doesn't set the excitement flowing in Memphis unlike Portland but Jerry West and his Gasol generosity to LA. Still Green's game earned comparassions with Rasheed Lewis so worth watching / Draft express

With the 27th pick of the 08 draft the New Orleans Hornets select and trade

Darrell Arthur

New Orleans are on the ball. Stojokavic and Chandler are a lethal Frontcourt pairing but Arthur once projected to fall to Golden State has now fallen to Portland. Roy, Aldridge, Oden, Arthur and Bayless. Wow. Portland have won this draft

NBA / Draft express

With the 26th pick of the 08 draft the san Antonio Spurs select

George Hill

I like. Vaughn's contract is running out but either way when Batum was taken it was a panic pick. Nothing wrong with that when you're the Spurs though / Draft Express

With the 25th pick of the 08 Draft the Houston Rockets select

Nicolas Batum

What the hell happenned to Donte Green. Not that Batum is a bad pick but you take the better player available and Green is better. Spurs were planning to draft him apparently Batum that is / Draft Express

With the 24th pick of the 08 draft the Seattle Supersonics select

Serge Ibakaka

Serge who. Well at least the two most recognised Draft Sites have somehow filed reports on him. Lets just say another Seattle big man bust looms large but he has potential suppossedly

NBA / Draft Express

With the 23rd pick of the 08 draft the Utah Jazz select

Kosta Koufas

Hard to see where he'll fit in along a Boozer/Okur/ Millsap or Harpring frontline. His stay in Utah could be short Draft Express

With the 22nd pick of the 08 draft the orlando Magic Select

Courtney Lee

Magic didn't need a Forward so understandable pick here. Magic needed a decent Guard and his range of skills should fit their offense well Draft Express

With the 21st pick of the 08 Draft the New Jersey Nets select

Ryan Anderson

Why?. Ok as much I think Jordan is a potential bust why didn't the Nets take a chance and see what DeAndre was like. Granted we all know the kid is raw (excuse the pun) but really with Yi coming in it was a conservative pick Draft Express

With the 20th pick of the 08 draft the charlotte Bobcats select

Alexis Ajenca

Well the 2nd real pick in the Rod Higgins era. To be honest this guy seems like he can fit Larry Browns system he does hold the most unprounoucnable name in the draft. Could have originally been a Nugget but Denver gave their pick to Charlotte which is hard to fathom why / Draft Express

With the 19th pick of the 08 draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select

J. J. Hickson

No one knows anything about this guy but he has a cool name. DeAndre Jordan and Kosta Koufas wow talk about their draft stocks slipping. Good pick by the Cavs Lebron needed size and it looks like JJ has it / Draft Express

With the 18th pick of the 08 draft the Washington Wizards select

JaVale McGee

The Wizards didn't have much of a Center last year so Mcgee was the last best one available before Jordan and Koufas. Saves them the trouble of the Kwame Brown episode but gives Jamison another solid threat / Draft Express

With the 17th pick of the 08 Draft the Toronto Raptors select

Roy Hibbert

Beast of a center built in the Ewing mode. Assuming ONeal and Bosh stays healthy and Hibbert gets about 10 and 8 this is a real sleeper team Draft Express

With the 16th pick of the 08 Draft the Philadelphia 76ers select

Maresse Speights

I wanted Maresse immediately but it's a good pick for Philly. Coming off an unexpected Playoff appearance you solidfy your frontcourt and they did that no question. With Billy king no longer there as GM things are looking up in Philly / Draft express

With the 15th pick of the 08 draft the Phoenix Suns select

Robin Lopez

I'm just glad Mullin wasn't tricked into drafting this guy. Won't get much PT with Stoudemire and Shaq on the court! Draft express

With the 14th pick of the 08 draft the Golden State Warriors select

Anthony Randolph

I like. For once Mullin saved his backside by not picking Koufas or De Andre Jordan. Although watch this space because hhe could be trade material with the Pistons as we all know. Need to bluk up though
/ Draft Express

With the 13th pick of the 08 draft Portland Trailblazers select

Brandon Rush

Rush and Roy and Aldridge and don't forget Oden= More problems for the Dubs next year.

Oh and we're up next / Draft Express

With the 12th pick of the 08 draft the Sacramento Kings select

Jason Thompson

Can you say Tim Thomas 2.0? I didn't see much ofThompsonthis last year, but from all the reports, he's seems to lack the desire. The weird thing is he eerily looks like Tim Thomas, too. / Draft Express

With the 11 pick of the 08 Draft the Indiana Pacers select

Jareed Bayless

I like Bayless but sympathise for the guy. Going to Indiana right after they lose O Neal and being forced to play with the DunMuprhy sisters isn't the best way of starting you career. Still Pacers needed a PG and they got one Draft Express

With the 10th pick of the 08 Draft the New Jersey Nets select

Brook Lopez

With Jefferson gone the Nets had to do something in the frontcourt and even though I think Lopez is charmin soft inside they are in a rebuilding phase. YI and Lopez together doesn't leave much hope though / Draft Express

With the 9th pick of the 2008 NBA Draft the Charlotte Bobcats select

DJ Augustin

Not the first, the second, the third, but the fourth! They finally picked up a guard, but scouting reports say he doesn't really create for others (though he could). He's got great size and he can hit the big shots. But is he the floor general that can get their wings the ball? Probably not. But anything is a huge upgrade over the Raymond Felton experiment / Draft Express

With the 8th pick of the 08 Draft the Milwaukee Bucks select

Joe Alexander

Alexander and Jefferson. Don't know what to make of that combo. This guy has energy and skillset may end up complementing his teammates quite well. But can he develop the offensive skills that the Bucks desire and are currently lacking

NBA / Draft Express

With the 7th pick of the 08 NBA Draft the LA Clippers select

Eric Gordon

Sensible pick for the Clippers finally easing the pain of the Cassell departure and Mobley is getting up there. A little known fact he was Michael Jordans son in Space Jam. Well they resemble each other

NBA / Draft Express

With the 6th pick of the 08 draft the New York Knicks select

Danilo Gallinari

Looks like the Knicks got another bust. Seriously the guy pulled down 6 boards a game in the Italian League and he's a lottery pick for the Knicks?. Another Lottery bust just arrived in New York Draft Express

With the 5th pick of the 08 pick the Memphis Grizzlies select

Kevin Love

Considering Love was expected to be far from a Lottery pick a few months back he now goes to Memphis expected to take over the reins that Gasol left. Interesting to watch how he gets in. / Draft Express

With the 4th pick of the 08 Draft Seattle Supersonics select

Russell Westbrook

First time Westbrook won't play with Love as they played together in High School. Think they won't miss each other? / Draft express

With the Number 3 pick of the 08 Draft Minnesota select

OJ Mayo

Dopest Slam cover ever

The T-Wolves make the smart move taking the best player. From this pic there is a slight hint he's NBA ready

NBA / Draft Express

With the second pick of the 2008 NBA Draft the Miami Heat select

Michael Beasley

Wade, Marion and Beasley. Will be well worth watching this trio next season

NBA Draft Express

With the 1st pick of the 2008 NBA Draft the Chicago Bulls Select

Derrick Rose the new face of the Chicago Bulls

Considered to be the centerpiece of the Baby Bulls a core of Heinrich, Deng and Gordon should be interesting to watch in the East next season

NBA Draft
Draft Express

Rumor updates from ESPN

Just a few of the updates the Worldwide leader has been reporting

Bucks trade Yi and Simmons to the Nets for Richard Jefferson Hard to make sense of this one. The Nets a young guy albeit totally raw Center, and a salary dump for their LeBron push yet on the other hand give away a 20 and 10 guy (Jefferson) and suffer Simmons contract. An even trade on both accounts although should LeBron be swayed by the Nets eventual relocating to Brooklyn this could play a role

Clippers trade #7 pick to the Sonics and move up to #4 as long as the T-Wolves take OJ Mayo Unbelievable. Clips never learn. They'll will take Mayo, Bayless, or Westbrook, in that order.

I'm sure it's lottery protected in 2009, Top 3 protected in 2010, Top 1 protected in 2011, and unprotected in 2012, but still. Give up a 1st rounder to move up 3 spots. On the otherside of the fence this move was to get Eric Gordon exactly the Guard they should target

Derrick Rose to the Bulls It looks official. The Bulls played it safe and choose the number 1 pick

I'll update this post right before the Draft starting at 12.30 am here with any big or small moves being made

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