Monday, December 1, 2008

Golden State V Miami Preview

The pnly time the Warriors were truly unstoppable

Unstoppable and the Warriors usually don't go together. However when the famous video game NBA Jam was released I think there was unaminous agreement that the Warriors Run TMC team was unstoppable. In contrast NBA 2K9 and the PS3 version has made the Dubs terrible. So in other words even the video gaming world is scarily accurate.

Today the Warriors face the Heat in a possible good old fashioned showdown. The Warriors are 5-12 and face a team that literally consists of Wade, Beasley, The Matrix, and Udonis. Soooo that's a couple of fast dudes with skill and a couple of inside bangers with skill. Not good for a mteam on a losing streak

Wade has been remarkable this year avergaing 28 points and 7 assists a game. Which means when he's not scoring, he's making it happen for someone else. Cooling him off is going to key to staying in this game. Of course, that is going to take some incredible defense; something we really haven't seen from the Dubs in, oh, I'd say about 6 games. (Pattern anyone?)

Don't be fooled by Marion's stat line this season. Just because he's been off to a quieter start this year doesn't mean he isn't fully capable of ripping us a new one in the post. Our big guys are going to need to have an answer for him. We've seen the D from Beans and Turiaf happen before; we need to see it happen again.

Wade finishes with 25
Beans returns to form with a double double
Morrow has a big game
Warriors by 5

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