Friday, December 5, 2008

Houston V Golden State


Warriors: 5-13
Rockets: 12-7

Imagine what if the Warriors had drafted Yao Ming instead of Mike Dunleavy J.R. We'd have obviously been more succesful with a lot more Playoff appearances, Baron Davis and Jason Richardson would still be here and really you wouldn't have to worry about the losing bit. Unforuntaely instead we drafted Mike Dunleavy drafted horrible players and gave them horrible contracts and we're still in the losing bracket. Ah well

Just imagine

Getting away from the what if's the Warriors take on the Rockets a team that dealt with small ball last year beating the Warriors twice. Even though T-Mac is out it's going to be tough to rely on Crawford and Morrow to win which means everyone has to contribute. At the moment we're stuck in a 7 game losing streak. Maybe then there is a small chance we can pull it together and win just one more game before Christmas.

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