Saturday, November 1, 2008

Toronto: 112 Golden State: 108 OT

Rather then watch one of the Halloween scare movies that pop up a lot during this time of the year I subjected myself to watch the Warriors and Raptors in game 2 of the 82 game season. And after watching a fustrating OT loss that could have been avoided had Nelson played his bench more I can safely say I would have been better watching reruns of the Omen or The Blair Witch Project. Well ok it wasn't THAT fustrating there were plenty of positives along the way but this was a game that should have been pulled out


Nelson goes tall There was a period during the game when Nelson actually detracted from the smallball that put the Warriors in a 12 point defecitand put in a lineup of Jack, Maggs, Harrington, Turiaf, and Beans that magically turned the game around and only made the Warriors trail by one at the half. I'm not sure whether Nelson would have made this sort of adjustment last season but at least it sort of makes up for his failure to use his bench

Biedrins and Turiaf There's a reason Turiaf came here. Our pathetic interior Defense that was a problem for years has been wiped away by Turiafs contribution. Holding Jermaine O Neal to 2-10 and his pressence and energy helping the game closer then it should have been he was doing a good job helping Golden State winning the Rebounding battle until he fouled out. Even though his statline doesn't show much (2-4, 4 points, 5 blocks, 5 boards he was a beast

Biedrins likewise was efficent going 8-13, pulling in 17 points, and taking down 13 boards. He made good cuts to the basket and has displayed more self confidence then last season. His minutes were the major problem during overtime he walked up the court not running at all but then again I guess Randolph would have done the same.... But if this combination keeps it up they should win a few more earlier games then expected.

Who killed the Warriors Was it Chris Bosh with 31 points Nope, Was it Barganani with 19?. Wrong again. Try the last two minutes of the game where two horrible poccessions gave the Raptors some momentum even though the Warriors had the lead all they had to do was kill some clock. Harrington was surprisingly the best player on the court with 26 points 50% on 3 pointers and made a big shot to give the Warriors the lead with 15 seconds left but his decision to take a quick 3 while not run out the clock cost us the game

Stephen Jackson I'm 90% sure he'll break the record for most 3's attempted in a season. Chucking them up when the Warriors have a small lead ugh talk about a low Basketball IQ

Maggette Didn't shoot well, turned the ball over, doesn't know how to pass, black hole on offense and really was a disaster to watch last night

Overtime The Raptors 6-0 run at the start of OT killed the game. Nuff said

Now that Game two is out of the way it it too much to ask whether the Warriors can learn something out of this game for tonight. Like not take 3 point shots when you're ahead in the game and can kill some shot clock especially when you get two Offensive rebounds off one play. Maybe the mental mistakes can be eliminated as well. Becausr tonight we're playing at a arena we haven't won at in 11 years the ideal place to see whether they have

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