Sunday, November 30, 2008

New York Knicks: 138 Golden State: 125

There are very few things really funny in New York Knicks land anymore. Faced with an increasingly vocal Starburry and a mini losing streak before last nights game fans were starting to wonder would they see D'antoni back to his winning ways. In last nights game they must have been laughing at the Warriors attempt at playing Defense. 82 points given up in the first half to the likes of David Lee and Al Harrington means even for once the Knicks aren't in the situation that we are.


Really no point in suming this game up in bolding points. The First half the Warriors had little heart en route to conceding 82 points a Franchise record. That wasn't the only record broken tonight. No, David Lee had a career high 37 points and Chris Duhon had a franchise record 22 assists. 2 players I never thought could possibly do that in a game and they did that to us.

The second quarter you could just see thew Warriors couldn't deal with the Fastbreak hence the Knicks breakway game stealing the show. The likes of Randolph, Wright, Morrow and Marco didn't contribute a thing not helping the cause. Crawford had 21 and Maggette had 32 but both were false numbers such is the fact that Maggette adds little else to the picture. CJ Watson had 23 points 9/17 shooting but obviously when you're getting beat by the likes of chris Duhon thats another false number.

We should have beat the Knicks. We lost to a team with only 7 players, We lost to a guy who we traded away because he had little heart and then it turns out that as a Knick he played like it was game 7 of the NBA finals. Al Harrington battled for loose balls and pounded his chest and gave me another reason to hate the guy. But then it's safe to say fans aren't exactly enamoured with the Warriors at the moment...

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