Friday, November 14, 2008

Detroit: 107 Golden State; 102

For the first 30 minutes the Warriors were doing a good job of proving the critics wrog. They were shooting a relatively decent percentage and they played good Defense. In other words the Warriors would have won this game last year. But alas when CJ Watson steps on the line during an inbound pass or when Biedrins misses a dunk then you know it's not goinng to be your day


Biedrins That missed dunk in the 2nd quarter basically gave all the momentum back to Detroit. It was huge. With the Warriors coming out of the hafl up by 7 they go on a little mini splurt extending their lead to 13. Then Biedrins misses a dunk. Hard to blame Beans since he's been our only consistent offensive threat but I just wish he wasn't the player that gave Detroit some life back. He still got his routine double double however and I'm sure when Phil Jackson was watching this game as prepration for tonights Laker game he allowed himself a small smile at the fact Kwame Brown was consistenty getting outhustled for loose balls by Biedrins

Rasheed Wallace I gotta admit it takes some character to recover from a missed tip and two missed Free Throws to ice the game for the Pistons with two backbreaking 3's. One of them was because CJ Watson missed a obvious screen from Teyshaun Prince that led to the decider. Two back to back 3 pointers late in the game = loss for Warriors.

CJ Watson Obviously Iverson was never ever going to be an easy assignment . But getting a Mickael Pietrus like turnover with 3 minutes left and those free throw misses never helped matters. He finished with one assist versus four and was torched regulary by Iverson. To borrow a Political slogan here to sum up CJ " a lot done a lot more to do" !

Veterans Nice to see Maggette and Jackson back even though neither were spectacular. Yes his hamstring problems affected his shooting game (2-7) but as most Warrior fans anticpated when he was signed unlike Baron he gives off that vibe of a guy who puts up enough numbers to keep things close, but never has the grit to single-handedly grab a win.

As for Jackson stop shooting. Like in the months March/April where he couldn't buy a bucket it's the same story here .Shooting 5-19 isn't going to cut it if he's going to lead the team. We CANNOT live and die by one player, but he's going to have to do better

At this stage of the season the Warriors should be 5-4. Games at New Jersey, at Memphis, vs. Memphis and vs. Minnesota were all good bets for a win. Now with an emotional game expected tommorow when the Warriors get their first glimpse of how Baron looks like in a Clippers uniform things get even more interesting

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