Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Golden State: 111 Portland: 106

Say what you want about the Warriors youngsters and the repeated ability to make the same frequent mistakes but last Tueday night Warrior fans finally saw progression. They closed out a game against decent oppossition. The 11-106 win was particulary ugly and there was little in the way of looking past the same mistakes we've already seen made e.g. lack of any decent Point Guard or inexperienced mistakes but Tuesday night we also saw what this Warriors team can become


Morrow After Saturdays performance the whole of Warriors nation was tuned in eager to see a Morrow sequel in how to shoot the ball. And they weren't dissapointed. Very rarely does an ugly shot come out of his hands in fact he seems to have the same self confidence as Ray Allen when shooting the ball. Obviously I'm not making Ray Allen comparassions just yet. But if he turns out to be a Ray Allen type player who excels in Nellieball it would be a miracle considering the Warriors gave up nothing to get him and are basically paying him nothing. He knows what exactly hhis role is in the offensive scheme and with his shooting can get the team points when they are struggling. Eventually he might come down to earth but at the moment 25 points on 8-12 shooting shows plenty of promise

Turiaf I was one of those foolish people who didn't think Turiaf was worth a 4 year for 17 million deal. Glancing at the boxscore and his 0 point 2 rebound and 2 blocks effort you would think I was right. Thats not the case though. His body was more then a match for Oden and that wasn't the case with the Warriors a year ago. As ususal his Cheerleader like enthuiasm never stops bringing a smile to my face although going by Morrow's attempts to warm the crowd up he faces competition.

Jackson Yes he shot a hideous 5-18 but there were things I saw from Jackson that would normally be unoticable. He rebounded at an impressive rate although you have to do so when Maggette is just standing around. He also proved he might be a temporary Point Guard replacment with his court vision. Finding Biedrins on a few passes it was beautiful to watch even with his dribbling skills. And last but not least it was his job at the line that sealed the game. Going a Rick Barry like 10-10 you could argue that made the difference and it accounted for roughly a third of the made free throws.

There were certainly frequent signs of encouragment to take from the Warriors. A win here was needed especially with a large sized road trip coming up. All they need to do on Friday is win against the Bulls and they hit the trip with some momentum. For a young roster thats all you need

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