Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Washington: 124 Golden State: 100

Another loss but hey Crawford can only get better right. Last night we saw the rapid disintegration of anything resembling organized basketball and the scary thing is on this lengthy road trip the Warriors lack of resillence is nowhere near what it should be. And to think we haven't even played the good teams yet.


Smallball Or to put it bluntly the coaching of Smallball. Our small forward and power forward combined for 5 rebounds in 64 minutes whilst in contrast Randolph hauled down 4 4 in 19 minutes and Wright oulled down 5 in 16 minutes. It was quite horrible watching Jamison and Blatche grab every second chance available while Nelson didn't make any attempts to solve it.

Stephen Jackson I'm still a fan of Jackson but I wonder will he be able to cope with the losing that he went through enough in Indiana. When the game started slipping out of reach, however, he started seriously forcing the action — bad passes, bad shots, temper tantrums — and the Warriors composure soon crumbled. Jackson is the veteran pressence on this team and when he crumbles everyone does as well.

Maggette Maggette couldn't hit an outside shot. His poor rebounding was nearly unforgivable, particularly given all of the Wiz’s second chance points and the fact that he didn;t get to the line nearly as much as he should have means this was probably his worst game of the year. His stats are almost entirely empty

Morrow Morrow is a catch and shoot playey. So why on earth does he keep penetrating catching the ball, driving, and missing. Hopefully Crawford gets him some more looks.

Biedrins Tough night for Biedrins but This is where having another low post player in the game would make a difference. Andris is a good passer. If a guy like Wright or Randolph is in the post, when the help comes against Andris he can get them the ball. Right now, he’s having the struggle to get up shots against 2 or 3 players, often receiving the ball in less than ideal positions from Jackson

Crawford Hard to really judge about Crawford from this gam. His court vision is better then CJ Watson, his Defense is non existant but he had 7 assists in 29 minutes. He also pulls up quicker then expected from 3 point land. All in all we’ll need to wait a few games to see how he settles into the rotation.

So far the fustrating ability of the Warriors this year is not learning of making the mistakes. We may not have all the answers, but it’s increasingly clear with each passing game that the line-up on the court at the start of the first and third quarters isn’t capable of playing competitive basketball against most teams. For now, it looks like we’re staying the course. Facing more blowouts like this one, it’s time for fans to ask why.

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