Monday, November 10, 2008

Sacramento: 115 Golden State: 98 Youth Time

Being a Warriors fan this season isn't about winning. No one expected that especially when Monta went down. It's about developing the youngsters at a pace that they didn't get last season. Or to put it simply Nellie's tanking at his own pace. Last night we saw rookies, sophomores, walk-ons, and D-Leaguers hit the floor together. The scoreline on this case is false the Warriors aren't all that bad especially against mediocre oppostion like the Kings but last night with Maggette out, Stephen Jackson suffering the effects of a Turf toe and Harrington still wanting to leave the Bay area as quick as possible Nelson was left with no choice but to turn to his youth. Here are the effects


Shooting At the start of the 4th the Kings opened up a 16 point lead. They weren't playing fabulous Defense it's just the Warriors were shooting 41% to Sacramento's 48%. Because DeMarcus Nelson, CJ Watson and Marcus Williams are inexperienced our Offense isn't as nearly as free flowing as last year.

Defense Why is it that Kevin Martin looks like an All Star every time he plays against the Warriors. My 5'000th complaint about the lack of Defense won't help but transition Defense and letting Kevin Martin have 27 points in 31 minutes helped greatly to this loss

Biedrins Those who wondered was Biedrins overpayed with his new and shiny contract may now step aside. He's only 22 but he acts like the leader on the floor and posted up another double double. He didn't shoot particulary well but unlike last season it appears he's become more aggressive. He ended the night only playing 31 minutes but had 18 rebounds and 2 blocks to go with his 4 assists along with 16 points. I'm beginning to think that even though it's way to early it's likely the Warriors might have a representative in the All Star Game if he keeps this up (touch wood)

Youngsters Regardless of how well Biedrins played tonight was all about the youngsters. Wright still looks slightly overwhelmed still getting pushed around too easily by other bodies but he did little things well like tip in missed shots etc, Randolph has an aura of self confidence that I like especially when he pulls up effortlessy for a shot or hits the glass at a right that Wright can learn from. Tonight's game also gave us a chance to see Rob Kurz (who?) and Anthony Morrow. 2 players I can't see ever getting back on the floor once Maggette and Harrington are back, but with the loss inevitable, it was fun to watch.

Whether you agree with it or not there will be a small minority of the fanbase who will cry out after the bad start. It's partially true but I'd rather be in the position we're in then suffer the Brian Winters days all over again. Following Baron's opt out and Monta's disaster the Warriors are doing what they were suppossed to do. Play the youth and anything else would be a bonus

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