Saturday, November 8, 2008

Memphis: 109 Golden State: 104 Grizzled once again

Okay I apologise for the awful pun to begin this report. Having said even though a loss to the upcoming Memphis Grizzlies would be considered bad Nelson because Harrington and Magette were out decided give Anthony Randolph and Marcus williams serious burn. It was much more refreshing watching Randolph pull up for a 20 footer and miss rather then watch make Harrington make the same mistakes and then demand to be traded. Though it was a disapointing loss Memphis showed that in terms of properly developing youth you need luck and a coaches willingess to play them at the same time


Memphis Two some OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay were pretty much decisive tonight. Gay did nothing in the first quarter but once the 4th quarter came around he flipped on his on switch and hit jumper after jumper. Mike Miller often assumed the role of Warrior killer but after tonight I think OJ Mayo is ready to assume the role. Hakim Warrick another guy the Warriors could have used but Mullin didn't pursue was also big with high flyin, high powered, and monster jams

Don Nelson I'm gonna blame Don Nelson here as well.After getting outrebounded with Marc Gasol on the bench (doh) Nellie decides to go even smaller with CJ Watson-Marco Belinelli-and DeMarcus Nelson playing on the low block. In the words of Gary Radnich, WHO DOES THAT!?!!. Nellie's solution to everything is to go smaller. And small ball cost the Warriors the game. Not only did they get killed on the glass, but they had a very mediocre, undersized defensive lineup. And they never really recovered from that 3rd quarter, although Anthony Randolph led a 4th quarter comeback

Anthony Randolph Yeah you read the last sentence correctly Anthony Randolph played. No one expected Nelson to play Randolph before the 10th game of the season but he did all right 17 minutes, 8 points, 7 boards, and 1 monster block. His ebergy and intensity were quite noticable and although I doubt Maggette is hardly shaking in his boots at the prospect of losing his starting 5 spot to Randolph there are signs that Randolph can contribute more in the longterm

Marcus Williams He crawled out of Nelsons doghouse and earned a start but he still has a lot of convincing to do to convince Warrior fans he was worthy of the trade. All three of his shots were rushed and he has obviously has a clear lack of judgement but he has a good anticipation on Defense. The question is with CJ Watson being completely ineffective and DeMarcus Nelson contributing in patches does Williams get out of the doghouse now?

Brandan Wright Last night still proved how Wright ignored the critiscm of his limited bulk as he reverted back to normal ways against the stronger and more determined Memphis big men. Comparing them to the Denver big men is futile because of how soft they are Nene the exception. Wright showed a lot of energy and composure and made a few buckets but his weight and strength needs to get back up.

4th quarter As with the New Orleans and Toronto game the Warriors completely fell away during this stretch. So far they don't have any player with a killer instinct who wants to take the key shots. Last year that was Baron. This year it could be Monta if he actually wants to assume that role. Though I don't commend Jackson for leaving Gay open for the decisive 3 that cost Golden State I do commend him for what he said after

We didn't play hard enough," said Jackson, who was guarding Gay when the Grizzlies' forward made his pivotal 3-pointer. "Down the stretch I am the leader of the team, s I've got to be smarter and can't give up a wide open three to their best player at the end of the game."

Though it is a tough loss I'd rather let the youngsters have a glimpse as to how to close out games properly rather then make the same occuring mistakes the 2007-2008 Golden State Warriors often did

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