Thursday, November 6, 2008

Golden State: 111 Denver: 101 Change has come

Change has come. And what a time for it. The Warriors like Obama's stirring election victory defeated the Denver Nuggets and for the 4th quarter displayed the exciting fast brand of Basketball not displayed at all this season. Warrior fans finally got a chance to see the Brandon Wright that was extinct up until now. Stephen Jackson played a cool calm role with excellent defense and well rounded scoring. It really was a special night


First off maybe the Warriors were motivated by Carmelo Anthony's comments that he wants to score 44 points to honour Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States. Instead Carmelo finished with 28 enough to make Woodrow Wilson happy. Obama is the 44st not the 28th Melo. Just keep that in mind

So at the start of the game the Warriors fell way behind. There's no energy in the Oracle, brick after brick is tossed up and Nelson looks clueless as to how he could stop the rut. Honestly Dahntay Jones reminds me of Spudd Webb with his vertical leap such was his dunk left with 7 minutes left in the half. Then this happenned

Well okay it didn't happen until much later but Biedrins earned his paycheck with that play. youtube has no footage of the much more inspirational Wright dunk with 6 minutes left in the 1st half which ended the horrible transition Defense and dismal play. The Warriors awoke and went down seven at the half

At halftime ESPN's loudmouthed and generally useless pundits wondered whther the Warriors could sustain this momentum. The answer was absolutely. The second half we saw some dominant play by Beans and Wright both taking it strong to the Basket. Though Denver was helpful in not killing us off with the amount of turnovers and sloppy play it was still encoraging seeing the feisty never give up attitude of the team Right behind Jack was a Beans I have rarely seen. His low post game was outstanding tonight. And the scary part? Tonight's performance looked like the beginning of a trend, not a mere fluke. Beans is growing up right before our eyes. We've seen it before with another. All we have to do is lock up the mopeds with this dude and we'll be all rig

Other notes

1) Let's just all hope that Nellie realizes that power forwards don't need to be able to shoot three pointers in order to play 25 minutes per game.

2) CJ Watson is playing tough. I gotta give him props because I harshly criticized him in the past. Let's hope this continues.

3) I got a huge kick out of Andris Biedrins vs "Birdman" Chris Anderson...."The Battle of the White Guys with Hair Gel". Biedrins schooled him twice.

4) Unrelated to the Warriors, but Nene Hilario is going to put up huge numbers this year in a thin frontcourt, just like Chris Kaman did last season.

5) I don't understand how Don Nelson can't find ways to give Marco Belinelli more playing time. He is a shooter, for christ sakes, and Nellie loves shooters. Nellie was all over Belly-Nelly's balls a year ago, and now he's shunned him

I'm glad to see change

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