Sunday, November 16, 2008

Golden State: 121 LA Clippers: 103 To Morrow

Saturday's game reminded us beautifully of just how things can go right for the Warriors. Baron Davis proved that with all his swagger he essentially still is a shot chucker but having said that like I said in the preview it's easy to be so grateful for the career and thrilling Basketball we witnessed under his PG duties. Yet after tonight depending on his conistency Morrow has his whole career in front of him. And that in itself is much more relishing then watching Baron Davis.


Morrow Morrow during the Summer League earned a reputation as a excellent shooter with Nelliegoing on record by saying "he's the best shooter I have". So why the surprise in Saturday's game?. Maybe it was because his ball movement and his ability to get open that easily was unlike others. Finally the Warriors have a 2-guard who can spread the floor with a consistent outside shot. We haven't had that since we traded away Jason Richardson. For years the Warriors haven't really had the conistent spot up shooter but now they've found one.

He contributed in other ways though. Hitting the boards with 11 and playing decent Defense it was an eye opener watching him play. Should he look this good in upcoming ways the Warriors will have finally found a scoring threat to ease the pressure on the team until Monta returns. One word really wow!

Jackson There were a few moments when Jackson was close to reverting back to his Indiana Pacer days such as the technical he earned in the terrible backcourt violation call. Having said that in the 1st quarter when Nellie played no PG's and let Jackson bring it up the court he did a solid job finding the open man and played clutch Defense in the 4th quarter. We've seen Jackson this year struggle against the likes of Chris Paul but last night his leadership in the 4th was the key in this victory.

Biedrins It's stunning how quickly Biedrins game is developing. Gathering a 17th consecutive double double and the degree of difficulty he displayed in making some of his shots while posting up Kaman were out of this world. The MVP of the Warriors young season has every chance of being an All Star.

Randolph over Wright Unfortunately while getting caught up in watching Morrow's highlights not seeing any sign of Brandon Wright play was unfortunate but Nellie playing small ball did it meaning we saw Randolph get a stint behind Maggette. Baby steps first but a couple of made shots in the first half did well to get him more noticed.

Maggette For once we didn't see Maggette force things. He's been terrible shooting the ball from downtown this year but Saturday helped his cause. He had a few nice passes, and generally seemed more comfortable with his teammates than in the first few games probably because of the surrondings. Though Maggette isn't great at PF in the long term Tim Thomas and his Defense helped his cause

Detroit's loss was harsh for this team because it showed the various weeknesses in this team. The lack of a PG, no reliable scorers and they had trouble beating an established Defense. Fortunately Morrow's shooting 15-20 means option 2 is the more likely at happenning at the moment. The next few games will suggest if he's for real or not

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