Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chicago: 115 Golden State:110

If you're a neutral you would have enjoyed this game. It went back and forth constantly but unfortunately in favour of the Bulls. In the end they couldn't pull out enough Defensive stops to ground out a win.


Lineup With Azubuike out and Harrington having departed it meant Morrow, Watson and Marcus Williams would get more minutes. Neither did really enough to justify their playing time but then there was no alternative available. It's actually a testimony to Nelsons coaching and this threesome that after the Baron and Monta partnership last year tat this group can come in and have close games. Also credit to the veterans.

Veterans The veterans were the reason this game was so close. Maggette, Jackson and Biedrins had to play above average if they wanted to keep the game close. And they did. Biedrins had a big game with his 10-16 shooting good for 23 points and 10 boards. I liked a few of his post moves on Drew Gooden although he found it especially hard with Gooden's quickness and physicalness. Still he went right at Gooden a few times with a few layups to show. He finished with another double double 23 and 10.

Jackson tonight shot the lights out at one stage he was 13-16 for 32 points. The turnover bit was the killer though with 8 most of them in the 4th quarter with terrible passes most of them to the other team. Maggette also had a few nice drives to the basket but over the upcoming road trip it should be interesting to see how he adjusts with Crawfords game.

Anthony Randolph Tonight Randolph proved to the Warriors faithful that he does indeed have a career ahead of him. With Morrow's shot not falling and him not doing much else aside from 3 steals there was pressure on the core youngsters for one of them to step up. Randolph was the trick. Unlike Brandon Wright or Marco Randolph has a swagger like he knows he belongs out there. One of his most impressive plays ironically came off one of his bad passes which alsmost led to a breakaway dunk. Apart from scoring he also contributes in many ways challenging shots, grabbing boards, and can play some point forward. He is special

Derrick Rose But while we're sticking with special rookies lets give a big nod to Derrick Rose. He should win Rookie of the year such is his ability to take over the Bulls team and make seemingly every shot during crunch time. You can't guard the guy. Play him close and he'll use his quickness to go right by you. Give him space and he never misses with his Jumper. It's a dilemma the Warriors never figured out and I think many other teams won't as well.

There were a few other Bulls killers tonight. What about Larry Hughes returning to his old stomping ground having made one three pointer the entire season and them makes 5 last night. Only in Warriors land can that happen. Seeing Drew Gooden grab rebound after rebound essentially gave Chicago the win. Staying away from the bulls killers the Warrior killers were frequent as well. Marcus williams doesn't belong out there and I hope once Crawford arrives his playing time gets cut drastically. Any Free throw or shot that came his way he couldn't make.

In the end this goes down as a dissapointing loss but with the amount of silver lings available as shown by Biedrins and Randolph there is some small consolation found

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