Sunday, December 7, 2008

Golden State V Oklahoma Preview

Theere really isn't much point in writing a detailed preview of a NBA game that reminds me of a Dertoit Lions versus Cincinatti Bengals contest. I'll let you figure out which NFL team is who. Then again the Warriors could suffer tonight in the absence of the following players

Although, Crawford is probable.To make matters worse for Golden State, coach Don Nelson is dealing with a slew of injuries. Crawford is probable tonight with a sprained left ankle but forwards Stephen Jackson (swollen left hand), Corey Maggette (sore hamstrings) and Anthony Randolph (sprained left hand) will all be game time decisions


If the Warriors need any motivation (I have a hunch they do), they need to treat this games as personal. The Thunder stole our mascot's name and now we have no mascot. There's nobody to walk on their hands the full length of the court during timeouts. Nobody to breakdance with kids during breaks. No superhero to run in a circle carrying a sign to pump up the crowd. Nobody to do funny things with Franco Finn during the promos. And worst of all no inflatable Thunder. It's personal. Time to win.

As Al Davis once said "Just win baby"


Biedrins with a double double
Randolph gets taken out
Durrant is the Warriors killer
Warriors by 4

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