Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baron Davis to the Knicks, Seems Far fetched to me

Future Team for Davis?

I'm not sure whether it's a case of NBA silly season beginning early or a Point Guard desperate to play for a coach who favours the same type of offense as Nellie but either way Newsday released a very interesting article suggesting Davis made inquires about a sign and trade with the New York Knicks.

It seems pretty convincing that all this will he opt out talk is just contract speculation. That being said there is the possibility that Davis is sending a message that " “I’m just crazy enough that I might opt-out, so you better negotiate an extension with me.” talk. Baron's agent realises that no one has the 17 milion required for his services so a sign and trade is the best option. Having said that if 'm the Warriors Davis might be a shadow of himself the next few years. If a long term extension is to be negotiated you did for the belief he could be a leader for people like brandon Wright, Marco and future draft picks and be a posisitive force even if his knees didn't hold out. This could have been bought as a possibility in my blind sense of opptomism but Baron's agent just killed that pipe dream.

To be fair the he most the Knicks could offer Davis in unrestricted free agency is the mid-level exception, which would start him at $5.7M and that’s a lot less than $17.8M. If it was to be a trade neither Randolph,Curry or Marburry offer any suitable replacement. There's another way BD doesn’t opt-out or doesn’t indicate either way by draft night, but Warriors and Knicks agree to a deal, Knicks pick 6th for Warriors then wait until July 9 to finish the trade, BD for Marbury plus drafted player. I’m highly dubious that would pass NBA muster.

Unfortunately thought the real dissapointment though in this likely non starter rumour has been Baron who has a me first attitude.Telling the Warriors you’d risk losing $12 million to escape the team doesn’t seem like a great way to convince them that you’re the right leader for the future. Likewise, it might make more sense to spend time talking about what you could do to improve the Warriors’ system than dreaming out loud about how much you’d enjoy playing even less defense in Mike D’Antoni’s rotation. He also admittely didn't have the best of timing a month after missing the Playoffs and joining the Lottery for the upteenth time he then publicly lobbies about how the team has underrated your value. A bit of context has been lacked.

The comments coming from him though indicate he woud lilkely want to move regardless of the Knicks woeful situation. Even though it would hurt I was more dissapointed on the fact the Baron of 06-07 was lacking the last few months scrapping, running, and pushing the team to frantic victories was the enduring image Dubs fans had of him that season. Unfortunately this season there were glimpses of a a player more focused on his individual battles than the success of the team. It's showing evidently again

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