Monday, May 5, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 17

I'm all for the East Coast version of We Believe but seriously what was that Atlanta. Only 10 points in the 2nd quarter sigh. Still mad props for doing what no one thought they could do putting up a fight and installing a We Believe T-Shirt in their Locker room. Onto the seond round offically

Doc Rivers is arguably one of the worst coaches in the Postseason.

G2: (3) Orlando Magic @ (2) Detroit Pistons (Pistons Lead 1-0)

The Pistons had no fight from the Magic in game 1 Howard having one of his rare off nights. I perdixted before hand this could be an interesting series possibly going 6 in Detroits favour but now I'm reconsidering. There ar far too many mismatches for Orlando when Howards' in the middle. Rasheed Wallace Theo Ratliff and McDyess could easily hold Howard down. Detroit take game 2 and the series.

G2: (3) San Antonio Spurs @ (2) New Orleans Hornets (Hornets Lead 1-0) Looks like the Spurs have found their match. The Hornets did an amazing job containing Duncan with their double team . I was a big proponent of having BD on the cover of 2k8 this year, but after CP3's performance that man deserves it. This will be a much tigeter contest in New Orleans favour

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