Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Worst Warriors Draft Pick #3 Carlos Rogers and Clifford Rozier

The 1994 draft was the crucial building block of the 1990's. Everything looked so promising back then. Despite a sweep at the hands of the Phoenix Suns the core of (Timmy, Webb, Spree, and Mullin) coming back healthy next year meant the 1994 NBA Draft was the crucial final step towards the Warriors being western contenders. However, the 1994 draft signaled the downward spiral that would haunt this franchise for the next 12 years evident by the following two picks.

Ironically Rogers wasn't actually drafted by Golden State he came via trade the Sonics. The deal was Carlos Rogers, Ricky Pierce, and two 1995 second round picks for Byron Houston and one the most popular Warriors Sarun Marciulionis. Common sense getting rid of scrubs that did little in way of depth but the problem was for a lottery pick once again there was little in return. Injuries became a common problem his ankle, back, and knee ever since donning an NBA jersey prevented him from playing with the explosiveness for which he was drafted.

-Rogers received numerous chances to find a role on an NBA team, but every time he showed flashes of his ability, he suffered an injury which would sideline him and eventually set his progression back further. As the final lottery pick taken in 1994, Rogers has to be considered a major bust for failing to never even start more than 20 games in one season.

Clifford Rozier

-Rozier had personal issues which prevented him from living up to the explosive, raw ability he brough with him from Louisville. After struggling to handle the responsibilities of an NBA player, Rozier was released by Minnesota in 1997 and ended up with the USBL in 1999. Mental problems kept him from maintaining a career in basketball and Rozier was eventually driven to crime. Rozier who has been arrested 5 times since 1999, is now in jail after being convicted of grand theft auto in 2001.
Grade: F

Whoa! We're not messing with that.

You might ask "It's just the 16th pick. You usually don't get a great player. Who cares?" And there's some truth to that, but still it's interesting. So who did the Warriors pass up in taking Rozier with the 16th pick? Former 6th man of the year winner Aaron McKie went next, sharpshooter Wesley Person went at 23, NBA mainstay Charlie Ward was drafted at 26, solid backup Howard Eisley got picked at #30, and 3 point champ Voshon Lenard was selected in the 2nd round #46 overall.

This was the draft that started the most infamous "streak" in NBA draft history.

Worst Warriors draft Pick #1 Chris Washburn
Worst Warriors Draft Pick #2 Todd Fuller

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