Saturday, May 3, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 15

I've watched at least 7 straight seasons of NBA Bsketball. In none of them have I seen a season so fascination and compelling as this one. Lets face it. Right after the Tim Donaghy scandal the NBA needed a unbelievable season to lift the gloom and by god has this one delivered. We've had teams come out of nowhere like the New Orleans Hornets, We've had an unbelievably competitive Western Conference Playoff Race where even a 48 win team misses out. We've had a star studded Boston Celtics team being taken to the limit by a Atlanta Hawks team, There have been some ridiclous trades Shaq to Phoenix , Gasol to the Lakers for Kwame Brown, Garnett to the Celtics for nobody. You get the drift. What a season.

But seriously Deshaun Stevenson and his stupid antics must be licking his wounds. He's had three straight years of being knocked out by the Cavs and LeBron James did it again while he had 3rd playoff triple double with 27 points, 13 rebounds, and 13 assists to lead the Cavs past the Wizards and close out the series 4 to 2. My attention though is on the Boston Atlanta series.. I don't know if the Hawks are the new Warriors but they have the Celtics and the hope of one City pinning on one game. The Pats didn't win Superbowl 42 so therefore the big 3 have gotta start scoring on Sunday otherwhise Atlanta will have the biggest upset in Playoff history. Go Hawks!.

Garnett has to start scoring otherwhise the Celtics could be going home

I feel sorry for T-Mac. I've always liked the guy and an unfortutnate fact of life is he'll have to go through so many critiscm from the Hosuton and mainstream media following the Rockets elimation to the Jazz. McGrady was simply fabulous having a near Triple Double of 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists but when Rafer alston goes down early you're effectively done. Jazz move on to face Kobe and the Lakers on Sunday in what was for me the anticicpated Double Header in a long time.

G4: (3) Orlando Magic @ (2) Detroit Pistons (series tied 0-0)

You can't perdict the winner of this series. but it's anyones game Playing in the rowdy Piston’s home court, I’m looking to see Dwight, Lewis, and Turk have a nice series against Billups, Hamilton, and Wallace. This series is anyones really.

G3: (3) San Antonio Spurs @ (2) New Orleans Hornets (series tied 0-0) This will be a series to remember. I’m first in line for the matchup bandwagon of Parker vs. CP3. Not a fan of either teams, but I’m definitely hoping this will be a great series and fun to watch. The Hornets keep surprising me after every game so I guess I can’t expect anything less, even though I peg the Spurs to go to the finals.

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