Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NBA Lottery 2008 Reaction

The annual sweepstakes are over. Here are the winners of the Beasley-Rose sweepstakes.

Chicago With just 1.7% chance of getting the top pick of the 2008 Draft the Bulls lucked out and now face a months decision of whether Beasley or Rose is the man for them. I see them taking Beasley for more of a defensive pressence. They have enough Offense with Gordon and Deng 2 potential 20 point scorers. This really helps the new direction the Bulls are really willing to take which is get back into the mediocre East.

Miami: Two years afer an NBA title the Heat are in Lottery land but despite not getting the 1st pick the potential stardom of a top 2 pick means more ticket buying in South beach and I bet the season ticket representatives will be busy today taking new orders. The question is how do they get better. They still haven't fixed the departure of Posey or Walker and Marion could opt out as well as Ricky Davis.

Mitch Ritchmond No we didn't get a decent Draft standing but Mitch looked good in his Orange tie!

David Stern
Is this a message from The Commish to teams thinking about tanking the season? If you tank the season, to get a top pick, you will not be rewarded. In one of the most hyped lotteries since Yao Ming and before that Tim Duncan, the winners were not one of the 3 worst teams. Stern might have got some flack if one of the teams that tanked it won the whole thing. Maybe it was luck, but by not rewarding the teams that tanked it, I think it's a good message in upcoming seasons that tanking doesn't always help your team.


Seattle What a sad day for Seattle fans. The worst possible scenario happened, they ended up with the lowest possible pick, #4. How will the fans recover? They'll still have a shot at some excellent talent, but they didn't get the franchise player they were dreaming about. I just hope they don't screw up The Kevin Love Movement and take my favorite prospect. If they team up a talented SF or PF from this draft with Durrant , you still have a very competitive team.

Outside of Bucks fans, does anyone really care about the Bucks? No? Okay. From top 3 pick to #6. Michael Redd, you should have gone to Cleveland to play with LeBron instead of staying in Milwaukee. They'll still get a baller at #8. In fact Eric Gordon might just be there and he would fit nicely into where Bobby Simmons was supposed to. Mo Williams, Redd, Gordon, Bogut, Villanueva. Gotta like that lineup especially in the East.

Now that the order is finally set, mock drafts will pop up all over the place. One of the more popular ones is NBA

#1 Derrick Rose Chicago
#2 Michael Beasley- Miami
#3 Brook Lopez- Minnesota
#14 Joel Alexander- Golden State

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