Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NBA Lottery 2008

Time for another edition of the NBA Draft Lottery. Many of the usual participants are noticably there ahem New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trailblazers, Charlotte Bobcats but there's new faces such as the Miami Heat the NBA Champions from two years back and the New Jersey Nets who looked lifeless once the Kidd trade went down.

Unforutnately for mullin and company the Warriors return back to the promise land of the Lottery. Having missed the playoffs 13 out of 14 years 5he Dubs have been a cornerstone of the NBA's late May NIT (Not In Tourney) Classic. Indeed with the 14th pick the Warriors have a 0.5% chance of being selected to get Beasley but hey we can dream. NBADraft.net one of the best draft sites on the web have a comprehensive breakdown on the 2008 Draft.

Indeed here is the best percentage chance of getting the number 1 pick for each team.

Miami Heat (25.0%)
Seattle superSonics. (19.9%)
Minnesota Timberwolves (13.8%)
Memphis Grizzlies(13.7%)
New York Knicks (7.6%)
LA Clippers (7.5%)
Milwaukee Bucks (4.3%)
Charlotte Bobcats (2.8%)
Chicago Bulls (1.7%)
New Jersey N.E.T.S (just end the season) (1.1%)
Indiana Pacers (0.8%)
Sacramento Kings (0.7%)
Portland Trail Blazers (0.6%)
Golden State (0.5%)

If he smiles like that you know we have the Number 1 pick

We need a miracle but more then likely our name will be announced and the whole front Office will be spending the next few weeks just wondering how they can savage their mediocre drafting reputation by picking either a decent Big man. However if they got a top 3 pick Beasley or Derrick Rose would more then likely be on their way.

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