Sunday, May 4, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Day 16

Wouldn't it be great if the Snores (Sorry Spurs) were done early. Last night showed an air of vulnerability about them as David west and Chris Paul beat up on them in Game 1. Detroit pretty much did the same to Orlando the only thing really noticable to a Magic fan is JJ Reddick actually got some playing time. Woot!. Anyway read on for some short perdictions.

G7) Hawks at Celtics (Series tied 3-3): The Hawks have exceeded expectations by getting this far but it's too much to see them dethroning the Celtics at game 7. Doc rivers may be the most clueless coach in the League but Hotalanta's inability to play Defense means a blowout Celtics win.

(G1) Jazz at Lakers (Series 0-0): The Lakers look like a well oiled machine with a smooth offense with basically no faults. Whether they will get undone later on is the million dollar question but Gasol is indestructible, The current MVP is at the top of his game and Fisher is itching to get a shot at the former fans who booed him on his return. Lakers take game 1

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