Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Golden State V New Orleans Preview Game 1

New Orleans Hornets (0 - 0) @ Golden State Warriors (0 - 0)


It all begins tonight. Never mind a disasterous offseason or uncertainty regarding the Front Office tonight marks the tipoff of a new season and with that brings hope. Right now pessimism surronds Golden State. And who can blame them. Baron Davis opted out of his contract and shocked everyone by signing with the Clippers. Back in 2005, when Chris Mullin made that huge trade that brought the Warriors their first superstar in many, many years, it put this franchise back on the NBA map. Now three years later Golden State needs the leader. The question is where will it come from.

Stephen Jackson?. Is the loudest and an undoubted leader as well as a major locker room influence. Can Corey Maggette step up his game, Will Randolph and Wright get decent playing time off the bench, Will Nelson overtake Lenny Wilkens as the NBA's winningest coach. We shall see

Tonight's game is scary. Chris Paul vs DeMarcus Nelson or Marcus Williams scares me. Heck, Chris Paul vs them both at the same time scares me. David West scares me. Peja Stojakovic scares me. Adding James Posey scares me. The Hornets are better than last year. The Warriors? Not so much. Then again I am looking forward to watching Corey Maggette tear it up and hopefully play well enough for us to ship us out during the Trade deadline. , I'm excited to see Ronny Turiaf play. We finally have a legitimate banger inside to muscle up on the opposing bigs. I'm excited to see if Brandan Wright or Anthony Randolph will pan out and not be complete busts. And lastly, I'm excited to see how the two veterans, Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington respond to being the leaders of such a young team and what's looking to be a very difficult road to the playoffs

Hornets by 10
Biedrins gets a double double
Paul is tonights Warrior killer

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