Sunday, October 5, 2008

Golden State V New Orleans Preview Preseason Game #1

Not much to be excited about in the Bay Area these days. The Niners just got smacked around by the Pats and the Raiders last time I checked are still being led by Al Davis but at least NBA basketball is coming to our screens in the shape of Preseason. The newly look Warriors without Baron or Monta face off against future opening day opponents the Hornets. Back to mediocrity again

We need this mascot

Though I'm not enthuiastic at all about the Maggette acquistion I'm excited to see him in a Warrior outfit. I'm also anxious to see how much Randolph, Wright and Beans have progressed on the off season. I expect big things this year. Wait who am I kidding...

Game has started so too late for perdictions Live boxscore shows game is tied at 31-31

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