Friday, October 10, 2008

More Nellie mindgames or does he really mean this?

Throughout his two year coaching status with the Warriors Nellie has said some weird and wonderful things. Just two years ago he believed Dunleavy was starting material at the 4 spot. A couple months later he was traded. Last year at this very time he announced Pietrus would be the Power Forward for the home opener against the Jazz. Suffice to say this didn't happen either. So his latest trick in the book comes in the form of announcing Randolph is ahead in the depth chard over Brandon Wright

Brandpon Wright fighting to stand out

Based on how training camp has gone, doing so will require an ongoing effort. Wright is competing with rookie Anthony Randolph for minutes in the backup power forward spot. Though Warriors coach Don Nelson still deemed it an "interesting competition," he said Tuesday that Wright is behind in the race.

"It hasn't been close," Nelson said. "Brandan's got a bad toe right now, and that's held him back. But it hasn't been close so far."

Don Nelson says Anthony Randolph ahead of Brandon Wright in rotation

Barring in mind already what Nelson said about the PG race and how Watson will start against the Hornets this could be mindgames. On the other hand maybe it motivates Wright more. He put up decent numbers in a Warriors win over the Blazers. He's had a full year plus an entire offseason to prepare himself for serious playing time on a team that needs athletic big men. He looked a true mixture last year some times he played decent other times he looked nothing short of a bust. He can't do that this year especially with Randolph waiting in his wings. Fans will await him with anticpation and excitment the same Wright had in his rookie year.

Good thing is both are looking for the same playing time amount so they can defintely push each other to get better. Randolph at the moment has all the buzz because of his Summer League performances but at the moment I wouldn't belieive anything Nellie says

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