Saturday, October 4, 2008

NFL Week 5 Picks

What a difference a Week makes!. Last week was pretty dire for both Raiders and Niners fans which saw the departure of Lane Kiffin being fired by Al Davis. I'm not exactly sure what planet Al Davis is living on but Kiffan was given 1 year to turn the worst O in Oaklands history into presumably one of the best, Makes it one of the best running teams in our history, starts getting oa rookie QB progressing....and then he's fired. Needless to say once Al Davis dies this Franchise will be sparkled back into life

Onto the Picks

Week 5 Matchups

Tennessee (4-0) @ Baltimore (2-1) Expect a tight low scoring contest here. Don't look for many big plays anywhere but with their record and the Ravens coming off a tough Monday night loss the Titans should win

Kansas (1-3) @ Carolina (3-1)Could be a dangerous game for the Panthers especially after Kansas's shocking win in Denver but Carolina's defense is easily more superior to the one Denver poccess so don't expect a breakout Larry Johnson day. Panthers are playing pretty well and should notch up another win bringing back comparassions to the 03 team.

Chicago (2-2) @ Detroit (0-3). Celebrations comparable to when the Pistons won the NBA Finals in 04 went on in Detroit this week when they learnt of Matt Millen being fired. The Lions with their awful run defense won't be able to catch Forte but at least with this firing they are trying to get back on the right track.

Atlanta (2-2) @ Green Bay (2-2) I don't know why I keep tipping the Falcons nearly every week but the Packers were shown up in Tampa and Rodgers is banged up. I just don't see how Turner and Norwood could not control the clock and give a minor upset sort of like the 2003 playoffs where Michael Vick quarterbacked the Falcons to a surprise win. Matt Ryan does the same just less impressively .

Indianapolis (1-2) @ Houston (0-3) The Texans took the Jags to OT last week and despite a winless start they showed they can compete with the AFC's best. However they were powerless against Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew and the colts are desperate in playing catchup to the Titans.

San Diego (2-2) @ Miami (1-2) Harder game then expected for the Chargers against Oakland but against a mediocre Dolphins secondary Rivers and chambers might find a big game to their liking. Should the Chargers get over .500 they might to watch out for the direct snap formation which worked so effectively for the Fins in Boston a couple weeks ago.

Seattle (1-2) @ NY Giants (3-0) Both teams coming off a bye week but it's more worth pondering just how different these divisions are. in the NFC west it's looking like 8-8 wins it but in the NFC East being 10-6 means you might have no Wildcard to speak off so the Giants need to step up their game against a injury plagued Seahawks squad.

Washington (3-1) @ Philadelphia ( 2-2) Sticking with the NFC East how surprising was it to see Washington a team that came out flat against the Giants come back with a superb performance against the Cowboys. But can they get two road wins against NFC east opponents in a row. More then likely no but at least they get these divisional road matchups out of the way early.

Tampa (3-1) @ Denver (3-1) The well known concerns about Denvers defense was shown up by the Chiefs but Mike shannahan is too well drilled as a coach to allow the Broncos slip up again. Tampa Bay still retains the decent Defense they had last year but Denver should get back on track.

Buffalo (4-0) @ Arizona (2-2)Fortunately for the Cardinals their brief East Coast trip came to an end. in the. Forecast says 90 degree weather in Glendale this Sunday so it's easy to see Buffalo falter a long trip out West against a team motivated to get back on track in the Cardinals best chance to win the NFC west in a long time. Cardinals win.

Cincinatti (0-4) @ Dallas (3-1) Easiest pick of the week so far. The Bengals have returned to their 1990's form which has now put Marvin Lewis on the hotseat and just losed to the Browns or to put it correctly were embarassed. No mercy for the Bengals, this one will get ugly.

Pitsburgh {3-1) @ Jacksonville (2-2) The Steelers were flat last Monday and somehow won in OT. This is a decent mini rivalry especially with last years heartstopping playoff game but don't expect Pittsburgh to prevail here because of the O-line issues no home advantage and the injuries at Running Back.

Minnesota (1-3) @ New Orleans ( 2-2) After Marvin Lewis is Childress the next likely coach to get the can. The Vikes are loaded with talent but Childress is hurting their chances with playcalling and the Ferotte QB choice. Brees and company should deal with a woeful pass defense. As long as they commit to stopping Adrian Peterson and can keep the Vikes DL off Brees, the Saints can back above .500.

Bay Area Football

San Francisco (2-2) @ New England (2-1) The team of the 80's versus the team of the decade. Bellicheck tradionally has outcoached Martz most noticably in Superbowl 35 and he's had two weeks to prepare for this game. With Belicheck in charge that should equate to a win.

Last Week 9-4

Total accumulated Score 34-26

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