Thursday, October 2, 2008

What to look at in Training Camp + Dickau Signs

As it is Training Camp has arrived and with it brings the inevitable questions that won't be fully answered until the season ends. With Training Camp well under way here are some of the significant questions that await the 2008-2009 Warriors and won't be fully answered until the season ends

Williams, Watson or Dickau The very recent Dan Dickau acquisition combined with what Nelson said about Watson means the PG race is much more open then what it was before the start of Training Camp. Marcus Williams if reports are to be believed has lost 10 pounds and it's a relief to see him keeping in shape but while once having the room to make mistakes with the lack of depth at this position he now has to face Nellie's positive comments about Watson and the Dickau arrival for a starting PG spot. Whether he can do it or not is entirely up to him.

As for Dickau one has to question the validility of the signing. Will he be kept as Training Camp fodder or does he have enough in the tank to beat out Watson for the final PG spot. I'm personally thinking the latter. Without a guy like DIckau in camp I dont think someone like Morrow has a shot at making an impact.
Even though Dickau hasnt played much, he fills a little section of the hole that Baron took with him in the leadership department

Catching Nelsons eye Morrow has every chance of being a Nelson success story especially since Nellie traditionally is well known for finding disamonds in the rough and turning them into 6th man material see Matt Barnes. Randolph is another guy who can play the game at a high pace and despite his lack of bulk he appears to be a Nellie favourite.

Randolph Staying with Randolph hopefully he avoids the lack of confidence that POB understandbly had. To be fair Randolph seems to be a more productive pick then POB but at the same time the step up from excellent summer League displays to the NBA will be hard. His body language and how he shows it to the fanbase after his probable lack of minutes will be telling.

Big Men There is considerably more depth at this position then last year. Biedrins is a lock at center, but I’m excited to see who emerges from the pack of Harrington / Wright / Turiaf (and possibly Randolph) as the man to receive the most minutes beside the Latvian

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