Friday, October 24, 2008

Stephen Jackson and his badly timed extension

Why is it that the Warriors before the season are talking about extending Stephen Jacksons contract

I enojoy watching him play but the reality is that with a losing season expected of the Warriors the question remains will he be able to handle it both mentally and physically. In other words will he be the Jackson that showed up in game 6 of the Dallas series or dissapeared in the Utah series. There is far too much uncertainty surronding the team at the moment to think about contract extensions. no doubt unlike his loose cannon days in Indiana Jackson has been a model citizen but committing your cap space when it isn't neccessary has been too frequntly done by Warrior front offices. Letting Jackson wait one more year and see how this season has affected him physcologically and emotionally seems like a better idea. After all just too easily S-Jax could complain about getting paid and gives less than 100% then Rowell has made the right decision

5 reasons why the extension should happen

1. No Warriors fan on earth could deal with losing Baron first, Monta second (to a fluke injury) and then Stephen Jackson third all in the space of a few months

2. Easily at the moment the best Defender on the team

3. Could speak out to the Warriors front office should the extension not happen

4. Underpaid in comparassion to the rest of the roster

5. Has Point forward skills valuable in Nellieball as we all know

5 Reasons why the Contract Extension should not happen

1. With the current state of the team it's not the end of the world if we lose him

2. Maggette is at SF Jacksons perferred position

3. His streaky shooting is an annoyance and I expect him to comfortably beat the most 3 pointers attempted in a season witthout even thinking how much he's made

4. Cap space just isn't there for the possible large deal he craves

5. He's under contract for two more seasons

We've witnessed first hand how bad contracts can weigh down a franchise. I hope the Warriors don't rush into a deal that they will end up regretting.

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