Saturday, October 18, 2008

NFL Week 7 Picks

Last week was full of shocks not so much in San Francisco. As much as Martz has made this offense better who on earth passes the ball as much as he did when you have a 9 point lead and you're playing a team that blitzes the ball as much as the Eagles do. No wonder they lost and when you consider that when they play the Giants just as motivated after a MNF embarassment then expect a blowout loss just as bad as the Raiders- New Orleans game. Anyway onto the picks

Week 7 matchups

San Diego (3-3) @ Buffalo (4-1) The Chargers have taken a while to gel but they have shown they can be at the top of the game with a convincing win on SNF against the Pats and with the Broncos losing this helps the Chargers further. Even at 4-1 it seems Buffalo are overachieving and this is the perfect test for them.

New Orleans (3-3) @ Carolina (4-2) One of those top offense v top Defense matchup that could make this game decent viewing. The Panthers were turnover prone against the Bucs and evn though they can't afford to lose another game to a division rival I fancy the Saints in this one.

Minnesota (3-3) @ Chicago (3-3) The Vikings ground it out agains the Lions to keep their slim playoff chances alive. Unlike the Lions however Chicago is more Defensive oriented so they can committ a few Linebackers to Adrian Peterson without worrying too much. As long as Orton doesn't turn it over the Bears will win this

Pisstburgh(4-1) @ Cincinnati (1-6)Pretty much a division gimme for Roethlisburger the Point spread obviously depends on how much Carson Palmer is ready to play but even so the Steelers return after a bye week very much knowing this divison is there's to lose.

(Tennessee (5-0) @ Kansas (1-4) Titans 5-0 for the first time in Franchise history should soon win number 6 after tonight. With a decent Running game and a Defense doing enough everything indicates the Titans are for real.

Baltimore ( 2-3) @ Miami 2-3) Tough game to pick here. Wildcard formation against Flacco who faces a poor pass Defense. Yet there is every indication that Flacco won't take advantage. Having said that the wildcat against an excellent Defense means this is on the list of games to watch today for me.

Dallas (4-2) @ St Louis (1-4) Romo's out, they suffered the first blocked Punt Retuen for a TD in OT last week, Pacman Jones is suspended and their Punter is out for the rest of the season. So what they have to do is be conservative and run the ball early and often. Jim Haslett taking control had a fantastic win last week in Washington but comes crashing back down to earth as the Cowobys will not cruise but they do ground out a win.

Detroit ( 0-5) @ Houston (1-4)The Texans were extremely fortunate to have gotten on the board last week. Against a Lions team in a complete shambles and Kitna out for the rest of the season Texans get their season on back track especially with the trio of Schauab, Johnson and Slaton will put up the points for a comfortable win.

Indianapolis (3-2) @ Green Bay 3-3) The Ravens let the Colts have a scrimmage win against them but the worry for Indy is the lack of depth at Running Back. Ditto for the Packers although it more or less has to do with the quality althouhg they have stuck with it. However Manning and company simply need to win this game to keep up with the Titans surge to the top of the AFC South

Cleveland (2-3) @ Washington (4-2) Right when you think Washington is a genuine NFC East contender they go out and hand the rams an easy victory the three fumbles in opponents territory being costly. Jim Zorn will have surely learnt his lesson this week protect the ball, run it all the time for Clinton Portis and new signing Shaun Alexander and get the win.

Seattle (1-4) @ Tampa (4-2) With this being a late kickoff because it's a Sunday Night football game but Seattle have never been a good road team. Now that they are injury ravaged and well behind the NFC West this doesn't bode well. Unfortunately Homgren just picked a bad season to leave behind!

Denver ( 4-2) @ New England (3-2) Suddennly the Cassell era is looking in trouble. Offensive they look an utter shadow of last year and defensively they aren't making any big plays. Fortunately for the Broncos Champ Bailey matches up rather well against Randy Moss so look for the Pats to try and eastablish a Running game early especially with the Broncos mediocre Run Defense but it's hard to see the Pats secondary coping with Cutler.

Bay Area Football

San Francisco (2-4) @ NY Giants (4-1) The Giants were beaten up on Monday night but fear not the Niners are here to provide light relief. JTO is attempting to do a good job at QB even wih terrible pass protection but against a Giants D-line that barely recorded any sacks against the Browns expect Justin tuck and co to have a big game.

NY Jets (3-2) @ Oakland (1-4) Brett Favre returns to Oakland where his great MNF perofrmance is remembered forever. Shouldn't be too difficult for the Jets as a journey especcially when facing the shambolic Raiders. Favre won't put up the numbers that he did last time he played here but he will do enough to lead the Jets to victory.

Last Weeks Score 8-6

Total accumulated score 52-36

Irish Warriors NFL youtube clip of the Week

Wonder if the Titans have this in their arsenal for this week

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