Friday, October 10, 2008

NFL week 6 picks

It's fustrating being a Niners fan and watching the consistent mediocricity that Nolan serves up each week, It's horrible watching Just Turn over throw a ball into double coverage or absorb a sack because he held onto the ball for far too long, It's excruating watching Strickland cover Moss and Clements the 80 million investment get beat regulary, Our Offensive line is pushed around regulary manhandled and made to look stupid. And there are many many other factors as to why the 49ers are so mediocre

Getting my mini 49ers rant out of the way yours truly has his picks avaiable for another hard hitting NFL week

Week 6 Matchups

Chicago (3-2) @ Atlanta (3-2)It was probably the easiest pick so far last week when tipping the Bears to beat the Lions. Against the Falcons and their Running back duo of Turner and Norwood the Bears Defense is still good enough to allow Matt Ryan to throw and try and beat them. Kyle Orton is getting a lot of credit to the Bears success but their 27% rate on getting Offenses off helps as well.

Miami (2-2) @ Houston (0-4) I pick Houston shocker. Last week was exhibit A in the Texans numerous list of how to lose Football games. This week even though the Dolphins came off a surprise win against the Chargers and are improving better then expected but this is the type of game that shows them they have someways to go.

Indianapolis (2-2) @ Baltimore (2-2) The NFL's number 1 Defense versus an Offense usally ranked near the top but haven't come out fired yet. Sage Rosenfels giftwrapped them the game last Sunday diito for Brad Childress in the Vikings win but this game has the potential to become their first convincing win of the year. The grudge is there especially the way the Colts flew to Baltimore (excuse the pun)and the Ravens can keep it tough by running the ball and keeping it away from the Colts offense but I don't think Flaco will outscore the Colts here.

Detroit (0-4) @ Minnesota (2-3) The Vikings ground out one of the flukiest wins last Monday even with Peterson not having much joy but A.P should have a different day against Detroit. Thne Lions on average give away 180 yards per game and only musterd up 4 sacks this year music to Peterson and Ferotte's ears. Could be Kitna's last snap for a while given his injury.

Cincinatti (0-5) @ NY Jets (2-2) The Bengals almost came close to showing me up and pulled in a respectable 9 point loss in Dallas in a game that never felt that close. No time for oppotimism though they face the Jets who came off a ridiculous 56 point display against Arizona. Bengals seem to be getting it together on Defense but they can't stop that type of production.

Carolina (4-1) @ Tampa (3-2) First big NFC South matchup of the season?. Even though their records are seperated by one win the Panthers Running Back duo and Stewart have been too strong for most opponents. Like I said in the Tampa-Chicago matchup this one comes down to who runs the ball better and even though Tampa is ahead in this department Carolina has too much firepower.

St Louis (0-4) @ Washington (4-1) So Jim Haslett has stepped into Scott Linehan's shoes as internal coach of the Rams. His first assignment is a daunting looking trip to the Redhot Skins who have rebounded from a dismal week 1 defeat and posted up 4 wins in a row. More struggles for the Rams to follow and Washington will get 5 wins on the trot.

Jacksnville (2-3) @ Denver (4-1) Tough to make off matchup. The Broncos are better balanced offensively and off course Mile High is a huge advantage. As for the Jaguars what has happenned to them?. Despite the Broncos helpless Defense doing everything it can to keep it a close game the Broncos Offense will have much more firepower to win this one.

Dallas (4-1) @ Arizona (3-2). Potential for another absolute shootout here. Both teams have strong offenses, both teams are mediocre on Defense but unfortunately for Arizona unlike Buffalo Dallas will be used to the heat. The Cowboys bearely beat the Bengals but then the same Bengals lost to the Giants in OT so that may suggest more about the improvement of the Bengals than anything about the Cowboys struggling. Dallas got the win last week and they'll get the win this week.

Green Bay (2-3) @ Seattle (1-3) Dismal performance from the Seahawks last week showing that maybe Mike has maybe lost the team and that possibly whether the decision to announce his retirement and successor before the season has had a negative effect. You would think a Coach of Holmgren's talent would give his team a kick in the backside and light a fire for the 12th man but even against the Packers a team failing to inspire as well the Hawks continue to be dire.

New England (3-1) @ San Diego (2-3) Classic playoff rivalry was once a mouthwatering regular season matchup a couple of months ago until Brady went down and LT became ashadow of himself. Traditionally the Chargers are slow starters but this excuse only gets you so far and it's time to show what they are made off against real teams. For some reason New England has a little bit of a dominance over San Diego but no Brady means San diego ends this drought as their Wembley trip is vastly approaching.

NY Giants (4-0) @ Cleveland (1-3) If only the MNF people had hindsight. Still hopefully with the way Derek Anderson's been playing it means possibly more PT for Brady Quinn and even David Carr as Manning heads to the sideline following a comfortable lead

Bay Area Football

Oakland (1-3) @ New Orleans (2-3). The Raiders have a new coach sorry puppet for al Davis to take control off. Aparently the Raiders players liked Kiffin so it remains to be seen whether this puppet will garner the same reaction. The Puppets first must do is to stop the Saint keep hold of the ball though and not allow the Raiders life. Easier then it looks.

Philadelphia (2-3) @ San Francisco (2-3) Even without Westbrook the best way the Eagles get out of a small losing streak is a trip to San Fracisco. Against a bliutz happy Defense versus a Quarterback who's been sacked the most times in the NFL so far does anyone really see the 49ers getting anything done on offense. I don't think so.

Last Week 10-4

Total Accumulated score 44-30

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