Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you ready for some Football

Trying to take my mind off the Monta Ellis crisis what better way to do so then anticapte the start of the No fun League in a few weeks no bandanas or TD celebrations- WHY?!) to NBC with Al Michaels and Madden 07 (a Bay Area legend.

There was so much drama in the No Fun League this offseason. Who would have thought like Unitas and Rice that Favre would unexpectedly end his career with the New York Jets rather then the Packers. With the Jets lack of any decent Receivers and an inexpereinced O-Line this could be ugly.

Last week also saw the passing of former Raiders Guard Gene Upshaw a few weeks back. Even though he earned critiscm from some former NFL players for the lack of mimimal benefits Upshaw had a shining influence on the Raiders line often being labelled the best Guard of his generation His presence will truly be missed. Rest in Peace Gene Upshaw.

But before we get to the Bay Area's finest, let's begin with the most boring division of all the AFC East.

New England Patriots

Coming off an 18-1 season the Pats have won this division 5 out of the last 6 years, have won the Super Bowl three times this decade but you have to wonder after their quest for perfection fell aognosingly short will they stall out out of the blocks just a little. I say no. As much as I hate to say this, it doesn't even matter how this team does in the regular season as long as they make the playoffs because as Tom Brady has proven time and time again, he has a special "on" switch that he turns on come January. Still the team to beat in the AFC

Perdiction 13-3 (AFC East Division Champion)

Still hard to watch for any Raiders fan

Miami Dolphins New coach and a new QB equals success, right?. That means Chad Pennington + Tony Sprano (not to be cofused with the Soprano star) is equal to Don Shula and Dan Marino. But after the 1-15 season they've just hadand the loss of Jason Taylor combined with the arrival of Bill Parcells means unlike the train wreck of last season this one will be interesting in South Florida. However, this team is not good enough to make the playoffs...yet.

Perdiction 4-12

New York Jets

Probably the most difficult team to perdict this season. The addition of Favre says it all really and gives them a few extra wins and with a more improved offensive line and a decent Defense it's possible to see them as a Wildcard. In other words they won't be a Superbowl contender but they will be a whole lot of fun to watch.

Perdiction 10-6

Still looks strange doesn't it

Buffalo Bills They are a young team with some talented players - Lee Evans and Bay Area's own Marshawn Lynch - but they still have a developing starting QB in J.P. Losman. Some can easily argue that he's farther along than Alex Smith which he is, but unlike the 9ers this team is still in the "rebuilding" phase. Lynch should tear things up, but he can't do this one himself. Things don't look good for a team that made it to the Super Bowl 4 times straight 15 years ago.

Perdiction 5-11

What are your opinions on the NFL offseason and the AFC East

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