Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quarterfinals of the Olympic Basketball competiton


Quarterfinal 1: Spain vs. Croatia
Quarterfinal 2: Lithuania vs. China
Quarterfinal 3: Argentina vs. Greece
Quarterfinal 4: USA vs. Australia

As expected the Redeem team have made it this far without many lingering worries. However they face an aussie side sho can justifiably say they could feel confident after losing narrowly in the last meeting especially without Bogut. However the Americans have to like their strong play at the moment with their defensive intensity recent 3-point shooting, and the fact that their focus appears to be sharper than it was the last meeting with Australia means this game will be physical and intense. If I'm the US I'd be trying to improve their underwhelming free throw percentage of 61.1 percent. They were the second worst shooting team in pool play, finishing better than only Iran.

Did China tank like the other blogs claim so they could avoid trickier ties againstArgentina or the US. It's possible/ After all their coach Jonas Kazlauskas also coached the lithuanian team and China play drum roll Lithuania.

Other then that Argentina and Greece is the best game of the Quarter finals, Russia were the biggest dissapointments as far as Basketball goes, Jason Kidd has been absolutely horrible and Croatia are my choice of underdogs as far as the Tournament goes

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