Friday, August 22, 2008

Monta Ellis article

Interesting article over at the Contra Costa times over Monta taking over as Point Guard and being the most relied upon player this season.

"Anytime he's faced with any type of adversity or someone questioning his ability, he uses that as a motivating factor and turns it into a positive," Mullin said. "From where he was drafted to not playing much his rookie year, he's been faced with things already and has taken them head on. He's one of those motivated, mentally tough kind of guys. I have a lot of confidence in him

With his hefty size deal the pressure even more so lies upon Monta but at the young age of 22 he should even be more solid at Point Guard next season. Hopefully he's worked on his defense and developed a long range 3 point shot otherwhise I can't think of two many other improvements to Monta's game. In my eyes his quuickness and athletic ability means he could be on his way to becoming a clone of Tony Parker. His 6 year deal ends in 2014 meaning it will defintely be a good time to judge him career wise.

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