Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shaun Livingston just sign him already

Ok so this might be premature since it likely Marcus Williams will be the starting Guard but when Mullin is the GM nothing is assured. Not only that but CJ Watson is the only Point Guard backing up Marcus williams. So it's probably more then likely Golden State will pursue Livingtson. Reports are saying he's looked good in workouts and considering there really aren't any short term options really worth going after. Livingston wouldn't be ready to play immediately or back to back games because of his knees. But a two year deal and a possible shot at becoming a starting Point and suddenly you have the potential of a Monta and Shaun Livingston backcourt. Monta, a small combo guard could use a complimentary talent like Livingston. The ever reliable Clips nation have come out and said Livingston would come out and with his 6'7 frame would be an excellent backcourt partner for Monta

Defensively when I saw glimpses of him Livingston looked very solid with a Pippen like wing span very important when neither Watson or Williams are excellent at guarding the opposing Point. Livingston is 6'7 plays Point and is a dream for nellie whenever he wants to create matchup problems. The upside and potential are there, as well as his youth. This is really not much more of a risk or financial burden as was the Webber deal so hopefully by tommorow the deal will be sought more closely

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