Thursday, August 14, 2008

USA Crushes Greece sweeping away meories of 06

Two years ago when Team USA and Greece faced off Team USA was virtually stunned by the shooting from the Greece team especially Papadolous and suffered a tough loss. When they tipped off today it almost seemed like Coach K and company were hellbent on making sure Greece wouldn't repeat the upset. And even after the 1st quarter with the Americans up by four this time you got the feeling they were in control. Kidd and Kobe applied fullcourt pressure consistently whilst dribblers were harassed coming down the lane, attacking the drivers and forcing worse passes rather than attacking the passing lanes themselves. But what was noticable a Greek Guard went up for a Layup LeBron or Chris Bosh came up viciously and spiked the ball away with extra aggression.

Transition Defense pretty much was the decisive factor although it didn't feature in the play of the game when D-Wade somehow saved a ball from going out of bounds and lofted a beautiful pass to the rim for a Kobe jam. But it wasn't just this. Wade overall was nothing short of spectacular, finding rebounds against the Greek zone and more importantly driving and dumping off for dunks when the defense reacted. It's too early to judge just how much of an impact he will have on the Heats chances of going deep into May but one things for sure. Already he looks like a replica of himself in 06

Once a flurry of transition scores blew the game open and gave the US a 19-point lead at the half, the contest was all but over. Every time the Greeks managed to string together a few scores in the latter half, Team USA emphatically responded, closing the door. Next up is Spain who boast the second most NBA array of players in this roster. Though the game doesn't matter (Team USA will now get a medal) there is no doubt that Coack K will want to entirely wipe away the memories of the Virgin Islands debacle in 2004 by going through the whole group undefeated

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