Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Golden State Warriors 2008-2009 Schedule released

The schedule of the 2008-2009 NBA season was released today and from a Warriors perspective there were mixed news. From the opener against the New Orleans Hornets to the closer against the Phoenix Suns you could say compared with last years the differences are pretty notable.

Opener We open up against the Hornets which is a rough opener to the season especially against Chris Paul. On the other hand our next few games would be a little easier Nets away, Grizzlies home and away, Denver at home followed by the Kings away and finally Minnesota at home. Point being no excuses for an 0-6 start this year. Alas the road trip part is a bummer 24 of the first 38 games will be at an opposing teams arena. If Monta has a tough stick it to em mentality the Warriors could be a decent road team.

China I guess the NBA's attempts to popularize the sport are going Asian. The Warriors play two preseason games in China though after hosting the Olympic Basketball attempts that contains the best from the NBA I don't see why the NBA is furthing events there when Irish viewers have no means of access to watching the games. But hey thats the NBA for you!. However I guess the only benefit of these trips would be giving many players a culture surprise even though none would probably display the ignorance of one West Brom Footballer who said upon visiting the Great Wall "Seen one wall seen them all"

National TV I'm sure Charles barkely had a say in the Warriors broadcast this year as the Warriors were almost shafted by the TNT crew. They still have had 8 national TV games 7 ESPN 1 TNT but it seems pretty low compared to last years.

Circle your Calendars Should Greg Oden remain healthy what a treeat it will be to watch him play. His first trip to the East bay with Portland is November 18th, I don't feel too strong about Dunleavy and Murphy making their retuen but it's the 11th January, Pietrus comes here December 15th not that anyone cares, A nice little dual matchup awaits us January 23rd with Le Bron James and the Cavs followed by Baron Davis's return to the Bay Area two days later. Right after Christmas day come the Boston Celtics.

Last game Normally the last game is a hundrum affair. But unless rennovations to Phoenix's US Airways Centre are happenning at the 15th April why is it that the Warriors are playing at the Staples Center?

Warriors 2008-2009 Season Schedule

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