Saturday, August 30, 2008

NFC and AFC North preview

Baltimore Ravens Pretty much a new era for the Ravens with a new Head Coach, Offensive Co-ordinator and QB finally ending the Kyle Boller saga with Joe Flaco taking the reins. But with a tough schedule it might be a learning curb for all concerned.

Another comeback with a #39 jersey?

Perdiction 4-12

Pitsburgh Steelers

O-line may not be great but they have invested a lot of money in making sure Ben does what he's suppossed to do complete a pass by adding Rashard Mendenhall and Limas Sweed. Willie Parker is still on fire from last year but their offense is still dependent on Big Ben's actions. Worth remembering that no team has retained the AFC North since 2002. Steeltown will end this cycle

Perdiction 11-5

Cleveland Browns Not since the Bernie Kosar days has there been that much expectancy surronding a Cleveland Quarterback. Not easy for Derek Anderson especially now that he has Brady Quinn looking for a starting job. The Browns first two games Steelers and Cowboys. Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if they grab a Wildcard.

Perdiction 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals

This is a big gamble but I see the Bengals missing out. Yes with Carson Palmer they will always have a shot at the division title but I just feel there's too much soap opera going on there to take them seriously. You had the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson change his name, They don't have a healthy backfield and that pass rush isn't there. Expect a power shift in Ohio.

Perdiction 7-9

Meet the new Ocho Cinco

NFC North

Chicago Bears Two years after the Superbowl loss the Bears are still in misfortune. Electing to keep Grossman even though he was clearly at fault was a mistake and Brandon Lloyd isn't any better as a target. Defense led by Urlacher will be tough but the Offense will be absolutely painful to watch.

Perdiction 6-10

Detroit Lions Matt Millen is still the GM. Martz is gone, pass happy offense is still there, Kitna will make another 10 win perdiction. Honestly did Lions fans really deserve this especially since they haven't experienced a winning season in 7 years?

Green Bay Packers Will be so strange watching the Packers without Favre. With Mr number 4 under Centre the Packers are close to a Superbowl team. Without him they are slighty above or average now that Rodgers a QB with little NFL experience is prepared to lead the ship. They still get 2nd though

Perdiction 10-6

Packer fans everywhere expect

Minnesota Vikings

Whats so intriguing about the Vikings this year is their Head Coach Brad Childress who has reached a make or break year. Adrian Peterson has come off a monstrous rookie season and Berian was added via trade showing the Vikings win now mentality. It really is all now up to Travis Jackson now though especially now that he has John David Booty competing for starting time

Perdiction 12-4

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