Friday, August 29, 2008

NFC East preview

Dallas Cowboys

I hate to admit it, but this team looks good. I also hate to admit it, but T.O. still has it. As much as I hate this team and all that it stands for, they have a shot at doing something great this year. Never mind Wade Phillips and the Garett Head Coach controversy or the Tony Romo Jessica Simpson distraction it's impossible not to see the Cowboys not repeating as divisional champions

Perdiction 11-5 NFC East Champion

At least you know Jessica Simpson is always there for you

Philadelphia Eagles Honestly Mcnabb has a huge chip on his shoulder but led them to an 8-8 none the less a record that would have been good enough for the playoffs in 06.! Asante Samuel shores up their secondary and they had a decent Draft but McNabb is the key . knows the truth, his teammates know the truth, and now its time for the NFL to know the truth. One man doesn't make a team, but he can make the heart and soul of the team.

Perdiction 7-9

Less of this and more TD's would be good news for Philly fans

New York Giants

Honestly I have no idea how their season will pan out especially since they play in one of the more difficult divisions in the NFL. They lost Osi Umenyiora and without Strahans veteran pressence the Pass Rush won't be as devestating as it was in the Superbowl. Thwy won't repeat but expect a Wild card

Just beautiful

Perdiction 9-7

Washington Redskins

Ditto with this team. Jim Zorn has a new playbook for QB Jason Campbell and that largely depends where the Redskins are going. Injury-prone Clinton Portis will get some much-needed help in the backfield from Ladell Betts but honestly the Skins din't make any decent upgrades to their O-line or Defensive line (both the factors in last years playoff loss)

Perdiction 6-10

Portis stays healthy the Skins might just have a chance

Who do you think is going to be the NFC East champion?

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