Sunday, August 17, 2008

USA and Spain I was wrong

Turned out I like a lot of people underestimated just how good this redeem team is. Not only did they brush aside spain one of the favourites for gold but they did so in a such easy manner that right now it's hard to see Argentina or Lithuania giving them a good game. Yes the 15 turnovers were carless but the Spanish had 25. Team USA's half court offense was just fine. Carmelo Anthony showed up and knocked down 3s. Chris Paul was excellent. Tayshaun Prince contributed. LeBron James was LeBron James. And Dwyane Wade served notice yet again.

In fact it was just one of those games where exucution was flawless . They shot 58 percent form the field, 48 percent from three and, for the first time, shot free throws well. They held the Spanish to horrendous percentages and kept them from having any offensive continuity. Despite the mediocre shooting over the opening few games they were 12 of 25 from beyond the arc and 19 of 24 from the line. Nothing wrong with that. Now all that’s left is getting past Germany without any injuries and preparing for the real competition in the medal round.

In closing and loking at the other games congrats to Yao for fufilling China's expectations and adavancing to the to the next round. I expected more from Germany and Russia was a major dissapointment

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