Monday, September 8, 2008

Kosta Perovic off to Europe

And so ends the Perovic era. The 7 Foot Center from Serbia who many fans labelled the worst use of the midlevel exception since Jerome James with the Knicks has finally ended his forgettable career with the Warriors and is now a EuroLeague player. Las Provincas a Spanish newspaper has the detail

I really don't see any surprise in this it was as expected that the Warriors would be resigned to losing Perovic. Fortunately his 1.6 million salary will be taken off the books meaning more room is made for Jacksons suppossed Contract extension a possible trade or finally signing Shaun Livingston. Then again in order for this deal to take place, the Warriors would have to come to some kind of agreement with Perovic to let him out of his contract. The Warriors and Perovic would have to agree to some kind of amendment to his contract (i.e., a buyout), then he would be waived, allowing him to go to another team. Even though Perovic was rarely used because he really isn't a Don Nelson player they do lose another big man player although more then likely they want to make sure Hendrix doesn't turn into Stephene Lasme 2.0. Either way it's a win win situation for both parties

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