Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Warriors all time Intangibles Team

When Ronny Turiaf arrived at the Warriors for the first time in years he was an intangible player aka a player who didn't contribute to the boxscore but but were integral to the team with their hustle, defense, attitude, work ethic, and so forth.
My take on the Warriors all time hustle team is below

Point Guard Avery Johnson

Ok so Avery Johnson is more or less well known for his coaching days. Even his playing career he was known as the floor General which made him an ideal Popovich player. Avery wasn't known for his variety of skills as a player but what makes him an automatic choice for this team would be his heart and his willingness to win. Avery was part of the 50 game win Warriors team that were bounced in the first round by the Phoenix Suns but proved clutch whever he was asked always willing to take a charge

Shooting Guard Phil Smith

Nobody remembers Phil Smith but belieive it or not there was a time when he was one of the worst shooters in the NBA despite being a consumate professional. During the Warriors Championship run he was asked to shut down Wes Unsweld, Walt Frazier, Norman Van Lier etc. He dramtically improved his game to up 20 points the following year whilst keeping his tight Defense. One of the more forgotten NBA and Warrior personalities sadly

Forward Larry Smith

No relation to Phil Larry smith played on some bad Warriors teams only makijg the playoffs twice in 8 years. Larry wasn't known for his scoring ability it was his Rodman like ability to hit the boards providing toughness inside not really found in a George Karl coached team. He was always willing to guard a Karl Malone and occassionally forced him into bad shooting nights most memorably when the Warriors swept the Jazz in the Western Conference 1st round. Has the ironic nickame Mr Mean

Forward: Chris Gatling

Absolute no brainer. Gatling will be remembered for his high energy reckless play with the warriors but unfortunately the most vivid image NBA fans retain of gatling is the congrutulatory handsake he gave Kemp after Kemp viciously dunked on him (forward to number 5). Despite his time with the Warriors not all being that long healways played hard and played tough when given the minutes

Center Joe Barry Caroll

Often one of the most ridiculed trades in NBA history when the Warriors gave up the rights to draft Robert Parish to draft Joe Barry Caroll these very same people forget that Carroll was decent. Not Robert parish decent but good to represent the western Conference Team in the 1985 NBA All Star game. Interestingly took a few years off to play in the Italian League one of the few NBA players to really do so but came back and averaged 21 points PPG for two consective seasns. Sign of a bust not really!

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