Monday, September 1, 2008

AFC and NFC South Preview

Indianapolis Colts It's been six years since the Colts won less then 10 games and the rumours spreading about this possibly being Tony Dungy's last season in charge means the Colts will want to go out on a high. With a very tough AFC South it doesn't guarantee success expecially in their brand new Lucas Oil Stadium. Still you have to feel that when January comes around the question remains can they put it together in the Postseason?

Perdiction 12-4

Will there be another?

Jacksonville Jaguars They just get pipped by the Colts for the division title. Just looking at their draft they added two pass rushers to get at Manning at every opportunity. The Bay's own Maurice Jones-Drew had a huge season last year and is destined for another great one this year. On the other hand Jacksonville must be worried about their long term future especially now that the LA rumours won't go away.

Perdiction 11-5

Houston Texans They went a Franchise best 8-8 last year and avoided a losing season for the first time in a short history. Look to Andre Johnson to have another huge season. Reggie Bush should get about 10 TDs..oh wait, they didn't end up drafting him. Umm...Mario Williams will have 10 sacks?

Perdiction 7-9

Tennessee Titans The 2006 Draft class looks to be overrated and I don't frankly see how Young puts the Titans back in the Postseason. Alge Crumpler gives Young a passing target but I don't see any other playmakers

Perdction 5-11

NFC South

New Orleans Saints If the defense can pick it up this year, the Saints have a great chance of dominating the NFC. This division is theirs as Drew Brees will tear it up again, Marques Colston will show why he deserved to be drafted before the 7th round, and that Reggie Bush character is bound to pull out some USC moves on a couple of NFL teams. On a other related note here's hoping that Hurricane Gustav weakens and doesn't cause the same level of damage that Katrina did

Perdiction 10-6

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Their defense is improving with the additions of Cato June and Jeremiah Trotter and hopefully those two can pull some big plays. Cadillac should turn the engine on this year after his awful season last year, but with the lack of depth in the WR position will be their problem. They get a Wildcard.

Perdiction 9-7

Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan takes control of the Falcons era but expect little elese. It was smart grabbing hold of Michael Turner but realistically expect a top 5 pick from this team

Perdiction 3-13

Carolina Panthers No one can deny the crazy talent present on this team but none of those talented players seem healthy enough for this team to dominate the division. If Jake Delhomme returns to his 03 form this could be decent. As it is I'm gonna say a mediocre season for the boys in blue

Perdiction 8-8

Some game!

Who do you think will tear up the AFC and NFC South Divisions

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