Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tinsley Trade, + Jackson news

Back on topic after my 0-1 start in my weekly NFL picks apparently the latest news has the Warriors looking to trade for Jamaal Tinsley. According to Matt Steimz of the San Francisco Examiner the Warriors are looking to deal Al Harrington for Tinsley and Marquis Daniels straight up.

Warriors and Pacers are talking about a trade involving both Jamaal Tinsley and Al Harrington, according to Matt Steinmetz of the San Francisco Examiner.

Other players would have to be included in any deal as well, and Golden State could be interested in Marquis Daniels, who hasn't impressed in Indiana

I don't see the benefit of this to the Warriors. Tinsley is a nutcase who has a bad contract and the Warriors simply don't need that kind of deal. Not to mention this is the sort of deal Mullin would make just to make the team in the 30-35 win range to convince Warriors fans to renew their season tickets for 2009, by keeping the team "competitive". Tinsley has the exact same of attitude as Jackson and it's a wonder how Jim O Brien the Pacers coach even persists with keeping him on the roster. Marquis Daniels is the exact same player as well.

And then we get hit of the admittely out of date news by now of Jackson demanding more money (Scroll down)and you have a team thats slowly drifitng once again like it did from the years 1995-2006 to a basement team with little ambition and becoming like the Royals or Lions (both teams destined never to win). I love Jackson but i seriously think he is deluded with his contract. The simple fact would be no team would want to chance on a hothead who isn't the game changer, Secondly as a member of the Warriors he isn't the best player on the team. Monta, Biedrins, Maggette or Jackson depending on who you perfer. He shouldn't get a large extension just for being the 3rd/4th best on a potential lottery team

Jackson is earning more than $7 million in each of the next two years. In his time in Golden State he has probably outperformed the terms of his deal. This however is not an excuse to make him overpaid in the next few seasons. Fortunately Mullin has been smart enough not to throw a Maggette like contract or take on Tinsley's contract. This season however already looks tumultuous and, as of now, the mess once known as the Golden State Warriors may be making a comeback.

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