Friday, September 26, 2008

NFL Week 4 picks

What did we learn about Week 3?

That the Dolphins can actually produce some offense. Huge credit to Ronnie Brown as he flourished in Miami's direct snap game as they mauled the Patriots ending their 21 game consectutive streak.

Raiders had a tough loss in Buffalo but showed promise on the Offensive side of the ball. Haternation seems to be one of the more funnier Raider blogs out there. And yes the Niners got to 2-1 with a big victory against Detroit a victoory they had to have with a tough schedule coming up. Anyway on to week 4 where because of the bye week you might find that until week 11 the schedule will be shortened

Week 4 matchups

Atlanta (2-1 @ Carolina (2-1) Hard to explain what went wrong with Carolina last week expecially with Steve Smith coming bac. Against an 0-2 team they appared to have no answer for Ferotte who did the basic things in his first game. Don't expect any letdown in Carolina though who's flexibility on Offense inluding a decent RB duo of Stewart and Williams will be too much for Atlanta

Cleveland (0-3) @ Cincinatti (0-3) The bid for the worst Football team in Ohio begins here with the Browns being my estimate to take this. Clevland looks directionless and the sooner they make Brady Quinn a starter the better. Romeo Crennell is surely under the heat now the Brownies look sloppy and out of focus. Compare that to the Bengals encouraging OT defeat to the NY Giants and you can see the future is brighter in Cincy

Houston (0-2) @ Jacksonville (1-2) Great news for Jags fans the Fred taylor Maurice Jones drew combo finally clicked in a terrific road win in Indy. Against the Texans that much like the Browns look directionless aside from Steve Slaton. Even though Houston tradititonally has had more success against Jacksonville then any other AFC South team it's fair to say that Jacksonville is more on the right track.

Denver (3-0) @ Kansas (0-3)That Denver defense will be tested by a stellar Kansas running game but otherwhise the Broncos Offense looks every inch the AFC west contenders. They won't be tested by the Chiefs but there will be times during the season that if they want to be genuine Superbowl contenders that their Run Defense has to pick up

Arizona (2-1) @ NY Jets (1-2) After a 2-0 start everyone including yours truly believed the Cardinals had shaken their years of futility into the dessert. Favre has yet to show last years form but the Washington game showed me this East coast road trip might be harder then normal to handle even with the Jets searching for a first W since they dealt with the Dolphins in week 1

Green Bay (2-1) @ Tampa Bay (2-1) The rematch of the old NFC Central. Green Bay were slightly outclassed by Dallas on Sunday night but that shouldn't be a worry the Cowboys are the best team in Football at the moment. Green Bay might be tested in the secondary without Al Harris but the Packers should be strong enough to win this old division rematch

Minnesota (1-2) @ Tennessee (3-0) Two of the best Defenses in the NFL, Great running games and Kerry Collins lining up against Ferotte plenty to like in this matchup the only difference being the Titans home advantage will be too strong.

Buffalo (3-0) @ St Louis (0-3) Does this week get any better in Buffalo? With come from behind victories and New England unexpectedly slipping up the answer is probably yes. For the first time since Warner took his place Trent Green is back under Center but unfortunately for Green the rams are in a pre Dick Vermeil state. Marshawn Lynch and company could ensure this would be Linehans last game

Washington (2-1) @ Dallas (3-0) Cowoboys are simply too strong for the Redskins in almost every department. Jason Taylor is out and that could mean Romo would have all day to throw in the pocket to Mr T.O. In other words if the Redskins pass rush doesn't show up this game will become a rout.

Philadelphia (2-1) @ Chicago (1-2) The Bears after their great week 1 win have faltered slightly save for Brandon lloyd who never produced half of what he's done for the Bears as he did for the 49ers. The Eagles Defense blitzes the most in the NFL so expecting Orton to find Lloyd consistently. I doubt it. McNabb and company will show the Bears Defense how it was suppossed to be done even without Westbrook

Baltimore (2-0) @ Pittsburgh (2-1) An exhilrating MNF matchup because of the well known AFC North rivalry between these two. Expect a Defensive struggle with Willie Parker out and Big Ben not at 100% but still expect a heavy Pass-run ratio. Expect defensive scores in the Steelers favour.

Bay Area Football

San Francisco (2-1) @ New Orleans (2-1) Surprisngly one of the tougher games to perdict. My heart says the 49ers but my head says New Orleans. Martz has finally found the right balance in the Offensive game using Gore more then previously thought. Against the Saints they won't face a top 10 calliber Defense but I still can't see them outscoring the likes of Brees, Bush etc. Key question for the SF D is how do you cope with Bush whilst also limiting the ability of Brees to make plays? The D hasn't given up really big plays all year, but they can't just sit there with 5 DBs in like they did against Seattle, because the D are having enough problems against the run as it is.

Oakland (1-2) @ San Diego (1-2)The Chargers were simply dominant in a victory they had to have destroying the Jets comprehensively. Expect more of the same in Qualcomm where they get to .500 in fact last years start of 1-3 was forgotten once they got to the AFC Championship game. In contrast the Raiders uncertainty over Lane Kiffin means even the most reliable of Raider sources doesn't know whats going to happen. Blowout time.

Last Weeks Total 10-6

Total Accumulated Score 25-22

Irish Warriors NFL Youtube clip of the Week
Best game of the week and that probably decided the AFC South

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