Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monta lied about injury

Just to further compound the bad news you then have th story that Monta actually lied about his injury and that in fact he didn't sustain it in a pickup Basketball game it hapenned in a outside activity. Of course no one actually has any idea of what this "outdoor activity" is but the most liklihood of any of them would a motorcycle incident. According to the Mercury News

The Contra Costa Times has learned that Ellis has admitted to the Warriors that he wasn't truthful about how he hurt his ankle, and the two sides are in talks about how to put the situation behind them.

According to a team source, the Warriors now know that Ellis' ankle injury _ which was repaired during surgery on Aug. 27 _ was not sustained "in a gym," and "it happened out doors and not while playing basketball."

So what happens now. Monta will probably negotiate with the medical staff as to how severe this type of injury is. We all know that suddenly this 6 year for 66 million he signed is now on the ropes. An article from the SF gate actually makes a brillaint point Monta was never a leader before this episode and he certainly isn'tt one now. Even though he's one of the rare cases who would rather get his 20 points rather the talk to the media and who doesn't like being in the limelight this incident will now leave him more open to exposure. Then again hopefully he recovers fully and learns from this and becomes even a better player in the future.

The Warriors of course have the option of cancelling his contract but that of course more then likely won't happen, Even though Ellis is a step slower he more then likely still will be a key contributor whenever he returns. Having an injured player eat up your caproom wasn't something Mullin foresaw but cancelling his contract would mean increased distruste in the organisation and in the fanbase months after seeing Monta being crowned our potential Franchise star to then being voided his deal. Fortunately this looks like the less likely.

Theh you have the Warriors possibly suspending or fining Ellis. This one I much more agree with just suspend Ellis for every game he misses due to the injury. Therefore Ellis wouldn't be paid and the Warriors would then tack on another fine just for the Motorcycling damage this has done to team morale because he certainly wouldn't be in any shape before Training Camp. Those worried that Ellis might be getting off too light under this approach should find solace in the numbers. If Ellis misses 30 games, it could cost him over $4 million in salary next year.

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