Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Warriors will finish 9th

according to ESPN's offseason rankings. Soon I shall be writing up an NBA preview probably two week before the season starts and will look at what the Golden state blogs and sites wwill be saying about the potential of the 08-09 Warriors as well. Unlike most sites however the best thing about the accuracy of these ranking is it's based on what all the ESPN NBA staff think about the potential of the Warriors. For example they have Portland making the postseason which is obviously unaminously agreed on by the likes of Adande etc.

To be honest I think the 39-43 record they have us achiieving is very optimistic considering we're an extremely young team that has lost it's court leader during the offseason and whose best player is gonna be a out for a good chunk of the season. Then again 39 wins would be an achievement for a team that just two years ago were thinking on ways to build on their postseason success after the 2006-2007 season. oh how times change.

Denver would possibly be a team to drop out of the Western Conference as would Dallas. Yes Rick Carlisle has proved he's a decent head coach but the Kidd trade like last season won't improve them in the longterm. If anything I wouldn't be surprised if they miss the playoffs but that won't happen probably. More then likely for the first time during the famous Rasheed Wallace era the Trailblazers will be back in the postseason and afer seeing Rudy Fernandez flush it down on Howard and Jereed bayless have a decent Summer League ESPN may very well be right

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