Monday, September 22, 2008

The Warriors pursuing Marburry

Though it hasn't officially been announced as a rumour by any of the reliable media sources several Warriors forums seem to be have the idealogy that since Marbury is possibly going to be waived by the New York Knicks the Warriors should make an attempt at pursuing a Point Guard with experience while ignoring his chaotic past. That player appears to be Stephon Marburry.

There might be advantages to signing Marburry. He's a slight upgrade over Marcus Williams depending on his attitude but um thats it.He's never won in his career has always been a distraction off the court, and doesn't make players better. Teams don't win more with him on the team, he is the biggest cancer in all of basketball as Knicks fans have found out for the last few years. And I don't take the we're not going anywhere so whats the point in having him excuse". Marburry has proven to be a off the court distraction that could merily harm the development of the youngsters. He destroyed the respectability of the New York Knicks franchise, there is no way he will be under control on a team with a low amount of veteran presence that simple.

Hopefully this rumour is a non starter although with the dreadful offseason Dubs fans have suffered anything is possible

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