Thursday, September 18, 2008

NFL Week 3 picks

What a decent week for Bay Area teams. The Raiders had a decisive 23-8 win in Kansas although the Chiefs are exactly like the Dolphins from last year and the 49ers had a big divisonal win in Seattle even though Nolan still hasn't figured out a way how to stop winning games in a ugly way. Still never the less both teams are at .500 a neccessity for the Niners especially with a tough stretch of games coming up.

Week 3 Matchups

Arizona (2-0) @ Washington (1-1)The Skins suprised everyone last week with a big victory over NFC favourites New Orleans saints. However Arizona despite coming off victories over the 49ers and Dolphins have that bit more momentum especially after their first 2-0 start in god knows how long. Cardinals to continue their good form

Kansas (0-2) @ Atlanta (1-1). Matt Ryan had his first proper introduction into NFL football last Sunday but unlike the Lions game he did actually face a Defense. Turner and Norwood a surprisngly effective backfield duo should get 100+ yards between them especially since the Chiefs were horrible on Run Defense against the Raiders last week and with Kansas's offensive woes the Falcons is the easy pick here.

Tampa (1-1) @ Chicago (1-1). Could possibly be a low scoring close game but I think Chicago might just have a little extra resolve. Like last week in their battle with Atlanta Tampa has a battle in the running game but if Orte runs like he did in week 1 against the Colts the Bears have every chance of winning.. Whoever stops the run more effectively wins this one.

Carolina (2-0) @ Minnesota (0-2) Panthers the easy pick here. In a desperate and probably naieve journeyman Gus Ferotte has been named the Vikings starter in a last ditch move to save their season. Not the greatest timing especially when welcoming a team that is earily reminding everyone of their Superbowl run a few years back. running game for carolina is weak but they should still move to 3-0

Houston (0-1) @ Tennessee (2-0) After the hurricane Ike cancelling the Ravens game and therefore giving Houston a extra week to sort out the disaster that was the Pittsburgh game will it make a difference. The Texans couldn't stop Willie Parker in week 1 and Lendale White and Chris Johnson should do the same here. So far even though it's only one game Houstons offense hasn't really clicked and I don't see how it can continue here

Cincinatti (0-2)) @ New York Giants (2-0) Easy one here the Giants will continue their fast start. I'm assuming Coughlin has spoken to the team about how tough the NFC East looks because after last Mondays freeflowing clash it looks like anyones division. The Bengals on the other hand are obviously done the team looks as if they've quit on Marvin Lewis and the Defense and Offense are non existant. Giants game to lose

Miami (0-2) @ New England (2-0) The Pats should be able to deal with a Dolphins side that hasn't shown much difference to last year. Cassell hasn't actually been told to do to much although against a secondary lit up by Kurt warner he might fancy throwing it downfield to Moss or Welker. Maroney or Jordan will probably get a decent size amount of carries as well. Though this approach won't work consistently the Dolphins won't test it

St Louis (0-2) @ Seattle (0-2) Not quite the early season futility bowl the records might indicate at least the Seahawks have a proper excuse (they literally have no WR). Still apparently they've signed Koren Robinson and are going after Joe Horn so things are briefly looking up. Against a team that were horrible against Philadelphia and suffered a blowout against the Superbowl Champs Seattle with their 12th man will get their first win. The only question left is when will Linehan get fired?

New Orleans (1-1) @ Denver (2-0) Though Denver isn't wintry cold this time of the year (forecast says sunshine on Sunday) New Orlleans having not visited Denver in a while will struggle to adopt to the mile high air. Marques colston one of Brees favourite targets is out and against a Offense looking excellent against a prone Defense and it's a no brainer going for the Broncos.

Jacksonville (0-2) @ Indianapolis (1-1) It took longer then expected but Manning got his season back on track with a comeback win against the Vikings. Against a team thinly stretched at O-line making Fred taylor and Maurice Jones drew ineffective the Colts will be motivated to get their first win in their new stadium. It looks likely.

Cleveland (0-2) @ Baltimore (1-0) Tough game to pick but the Ravens appear the smart choice here. Anderson wasn't given much opportunity to throw against the Steelers such were the high winds but against the Ravens without any bye week they should contain the Browns. Derek anderson or Brady Quinn is the main question on Browns fans lips and it's easy to see the Ravens coming out with a 2-0 start.

Pittsburgh (2-0) @ Philadelphia (1-1) The battle for the pride of Pennsylvania should go in the Eagles favour. Had it not been for Westbrooks fumble they could have caused a min upset in Dallas in one of the great MNF games. Against a team not sure about Bens shoulder injury and the Eagles keen not to lose any more ground early, I reckon they can overcome their state rivals and slow down the Steelers quick start to the season.

Dallas (2-0) @ Green Bay (2-0) Aaron Rodgers has looked pretty decent in both the Packers opening victories but he faces an entirely different challenge against the Cowboys. T.O will not be contained by Harris who displayed horrible coverage when these two last met. The cowboys will have too many weapons here.

NY Jets (1-1) @ San Diego 0-2) The Chargers suffered a heartbreaking and controversial loss against the Broncos in other words they've lost to two decent teams. The Jets on the other hand barely beat the Dophins and lost to the Pats not the start Jets fans wanted. LT, Chris Chambers, Rivers and Gates etc will be motivated at getting that first win and trying to put the back to back losses out of their minds. With Denver's fast start they need to get that win now.

Bay Area Football

Oakland (1-1) @ Buffalo (2-0)The Bills were really convincing last week esepcially Trent Edwards with a 20-25 performance. They should stay undefeated against the Raiders who ran the ball well last week but got McFadden and Fargas banged up in the process. A potential undefeated game against the Pats awaits but first they will navigate their way against the Raiders.

Detroit (0-2) @ San Francisco (1-1) Will be another shootout as the Niners horrible pass Defense keeps Detroit in the game. Yet the Lions are a mess aided by Matt Millen and his comical GM skills. Frank Gore will be licking his lips at running at a terrible Defense and that will be the difference here.

Last Weeks picks 8-7

Total accumulated score 15-16

Irish Warriors NFL Youtube Clip of the Week

For all those wannabee Wide Receivers this clip teaches one lesson. Never celebrate until you score

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