Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's 2008-2009 and not much signs of NBA coverage

Hard to believe but it's been about a year since I wrote a post bemoaning the lack of NBA TV coverage in Ireland. At the time Irish NBA fans were resonated to watching dodgy links on the web while cursing the fact that NFL coverage here is at an all time high. During the NBA Finals were generous in allowing us to watch live coverage of the Lakers-Celtics series while generously listing us as a developing nation along the likes of Zaire, Angola Vietnam etc. Imagine if Brian Cowen found that out

A year on and unfortunately for dedicated NBA fans it's much the same. Though NASN has made progress in picking up NBA Fastbreak a highlights show that will be shown three times a week according to it's NBA portal the very same highlights can be found on youtube so it's pointless really.

The very same week we learn that there is a version of League Pass in the UK but they haven't made it available to Irish viwers yet. For anybody reading this I urge viwers to email the address listed because it will probably be the only way Irish viewers will see their favourite team regulary. Luckily for Sky Digital viewers Five is now free to air on Sky but considering they only show one game a week I doubt that will fill the drought. Still it's better then nothing

So with these little signs of encouraging findings in mind lets hope that League pass is on the way. Because lets face it. No one wants to face the TV sceanrio that British and Irish NBA fans faced last year

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