Sunday, November 9, 2008

Golden State V Sacramento Preview


Sacramento 2-4
Golden State 2-4

It's been the week from hell

:Memphis beat us twice

:Mullin has his assistant fired

:Harrington may not start but he's still demanding a trade. The latest rumours have hhim to the bobcats for Gerald Wallace

:Monta files a grievance against the Warriors. Why is anyones guess?

In other words this sucks. Be resigned to the fact that the Warriors have sunk pretty low at the moment and are resonated to rebuilding for the lucrative 2010 Free agency class. Didn't expect anything else but hopefully with Harrington and Magette out the youngsters will show some of the fight they displayed against Memphis. Lets hope sooner rather then later

Biedrins with a double double
Kevin Martin is the Warriors killer
Randolph and Wright are money
Warriors win by 10

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